Have you ever thought, “how can I turn my love for beauty and wellness into a life-long career?” Or, maybe you’re ready to be your own boss and own a franchise! iTAN Franchising, Inc. is a great opportunity for those looking to take the next step toward entrepreneurial success.

We talked to iTAN Franchisee Barbie Swanson who currently owns iTAN Ramona. Barbie gave us some insider insight on starting an iTAN franchise.

1. What makes iTAN different than other tanning franchises?

The customer-focused work culture is what sets iTAN apart from other tanning franchises. iTAN is always striving to improve from customer feedback and focuses on creating experiences, not just selling a service. iTAN prides itself on building lasting relationships with all clients.

2. What tools does iTAN provide franchisees to be successful?

iTAN is there for their franchisees every step of the way. With the corporate team easily accessible, franchisees have the resources necessary to be successful. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips!

3. What are the benefits of becoming a part of the iTAN franchise family?

Becoming a part of the iTAN franchise family means you’re joining a team of experienced entrepreneurs who care about the success of each franchisee. Owning an iTAN franchise opens doors to an industry that is continuously growing and creating higher standards. When you join iTAN Franchising, Inc., you become a part of something bigger than just the location.

4. Do franchisees have access to support even after the store opens?

Throughout the entire process, franchisees are given access to as much support as they need. iTAN provides 24/7 online support and a corporate team you’re able to meet with regularly. It’s easy to stay ahead of the game as seasoned iTAN sales managers schedule monthly field visits to ensure franchisees have everything necessary for growth.

5. What are the benefits of turning your existing tanning salon into an iTAN franchise?

Converting your existing tanning salon into an iTAN franchise is the key to long-term success! From the constant support and mentorship to the tried and true business model, you’ll feel confidence every step of the way. Having guidance and endless learning opportunities makes franchising a great option for anyone ready to take their professional career to a new level.

6. Is starting an iTAN franchise a good option for people who’ve never owned their own business before?

Being a part of a franchise is a great opportunity to get into business confidently by joining a proven, successful business model. iTAN Franchising, Inc. is extremely helpful in every aspect of operating a franchise. They’re even more helpful in assisting in areas you may not have as much experience in or areas in which you may need advice and guidance.

7. How does iTAN stay up-to-date with the latest advances in technology?

iTAN has created strong relationships with each of their vendors. Because of this, iTAN franchisees receive information and updates before they’re available to the whole industry, keeping iTAN at the forefront of beauty and wellness. Each franchise holds consistent assessments of systems in place to ensure the salon is operating at its best.