It’s officially fall, folks! Mark your calendars for our October Halloween Weekend Sale!

Now that we are into the groove of the new school year, the slight change of pace at our jobs, and colder weather—it’s time to trick or TREAT YO SELF.

And, have we got a treat for you! All 34 iTAN locations are hosting an incredible Halloween Weekend Sale (10/24-10/27.) If you’re looking to be the bell of the All Hallows Eve ball, join us for $10 Sun and Spray tans, $10 Spa treatments and $1 iCLUB sign-ups.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on which to service to go with, try as many as you’d like!

Mystic Spray

Our spray sessions are typically $35. So you’re getting such a great deal, it’s actually kind of scary.  

Your two spray tan options at iTAN are the Versa and the Mystic. Both are spray booths guaranteed to give you the natural bronzed color that will just glow in the autumn evening light.

But you’re probably wondering, “what’s the difference?”

Let’s take a closer look at each one because you don’t have to be as afraid of a risk as you are of monsters, werewolves, and vampires.

The Mystic Spray Tan is super speedy! In just 3 minutes the session is over and you’ll have glowing color for up to 7 days! Our luxurious tanning booths are automated and private. This is a big plus for first-timers that could feel a little bashful doing full-body for the first time. 

The Mystic really works with your unique individual skin tone. There are 3 color options available to create your ideal, supernaturally gorgeous look. There’s light, medium & dark.  When choosing a color, think about how much darker you want to look. 

Then you can customize your color further by adding your bronzers. Our Mocha-Kyssed option is the most popular. It gives you that rich, bronze classic tan. Our Island-Kyssed option is a cooler violet-brown undertone that makes you look like you just got back from an exotic vacation. Our Sun-Kyssed option gives you the “just got back from the beach” fresh tan look. 

Next, you get to pick a scent. The yummy fragrances keep you smelling fresh all night long! You’ve got fresh, vanilla, sport, and coconut lime at your disposal.

Lastly, you can choose to accelerate your tan by balancing the pH of your skin so you can see results in as little as 2 hours!

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Let’s compare it to the Versa Spray Tan option to see which booth will transform you into the Harvest Queen you need to be this holiday season.

VersaSpa Spray

The Versa Spray Tan is a truly relaxing experience that gives you that even tan you’ve always wanted.

All of the Versa tanning solutions double as skincare. They are infused with marine algae which hydrates the skin. Just like the Mystic, the Versa session only takes a few minutes!

The Versa has a super simple process. Just choose what color is right for you: light, medium or dark, and add our Prep solution if you wish to balance your pH and ensure flawless results.

Next, we have our skin-sensing & high-performance bronzing beds for just $10! 


Our High-Performance Bronzing Bed will help you achieve deep, dark, long-lasting color in the most efficient & effective way. 

Our Custom Sunbeds, like the Sun Angel, feature a skin sensor with skin-sensing technology to create a balanced, natural glow, all while virtually eliminating the chance of overexposure. 

What could be better than all of the above? iTAN’s Spa services for just $10 from 10/24-10/27!  

Tone up in iTAN’s FIT Bodywrap, to burn calories & detox, experience-proven light therapy treatment to firm & tone the delicate skin of the face & neck. Or, relax & hydrate your skin in our 20-minute Hydration Station. To learn more about all of the amazing services iTAN has available for just $10 during our Halloween Weekend Sale, visit 

You really can’t go wrong! Be sure to hit up your local iTAN so you can look and feel your absolute best when you go out this Halloween! Visit our store locator page here to find which iTAN salon is closest to you. Plus, don’t forget to RSVP on our Facebook Event Page here for your chance to win 2 months of Sun Spray & Spa services FREE plus a product bundle containing Tekton Optimizer, Tekton After Care, Tekton Face, Glamour Eyes & the Mystic Mocha-Kyssed Bronzing Lotion!