Haven’t you heard, “Life with a spray tan is always better?” So if you’re new to the spray tanning world, we’ve got you covered! From here on out, you’ll never have to go another day wondering what life with a spray tan might be like.

We’ve answered seven of the most common spray tan questions so you can get your glow on without worrying about a thing.

1. How should I prepare for my spray tan?

When preparing for your spray tan, exfoliating is key; but don’t wait until the day of your spray tan. It’s best to exfoliate your skin in the days leading up to your spray tan sesh to take away any dead skin cells. By exfoliating ahead of time, you’ll be prepping your skin to soak in all the bronze color a spray tan has to offer! This will help ensure your color lasts up to seven days.

2. Spray tan or self tanner?

When it comes to do-it-yourself tanner, it can be difficult to apply the tanning product evenly all over your body, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. The iTAN spray booths, such as the Mystic Tan and the VersaSpa Pro, utilize a spray-on process, which is designed to evenly apply the spray solution to your skin without leaving streaks, blotches or tan lines.

3. What should I wear?

We recommend wearing dark, loose clothing to your session to avoid rubbing off your new spray tan and staining your clothes. During the application process, we recommend wearing a bikini, a disposable undergarment (provided at iTAN) or your best of all, birthday suit.

4. Can I get a sun tan and spray tan in the same day?

Absolutely! In fact, we call this “double-dipping.” To achieve the ultimate glow, try a sunbed session followed by a spray tan. We recommend building a base with one of our Sun Pro sunbeds. Follow up with a spray tan, such as the VersaSpa Pro, to finish off your glow for a rich, bronze color.

5. What should I expect after my spray tan?

After your initial spray session, the solution will continue to get darker over the next eight to 12 hours. It’s best to wait four to six hours before showering to avoid washing off any formula. For special occasions, we recommend getting your spray tan the night before and sleeping through the night while allowing your color to develop.

6. What’s the best way to maintain my color?

After getting a spray tan, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer the color will last. We recommend refraining from any heavy physical activity or swimming in order to preserve your tan.

7. How long do spray tans last?

How long a spray tan lasts can vary from person to person, but one session will typically last up to seven days. We recommend coming in on Mystic Mondays at iTAN to take advantage of $15 spray tans. You can choose from Mystic Tan and VersaSpa Pro. For special occasions, try our custom Airbrush for a natural, flawless color that lasts up to 10 days!

Now that you’re fully in the know of all things spray tan… Happy spray tanning!