Usually when you want to use a sunbed, you do it for the nice bronzed glow you get after! However, there are more benefits of UV tanning, such as an elevation in mood which can improve your health! Keep reading to find out the health or mood benefits of UV tanning.

Vitamin D production

When you have low vitamin D levels, you are prone to get sick more easily. This can be tough during the winter months. UV tanning is a great option to get your vitamin D levels higher and increase your vitamin D production. When that is increased your immune system is healthier and you are less likely to catch a cold!

Improving your Mood

Exposure to sunlight has been linked to improve your energy and elevate your mood! Light actually boosts your serotonin levels, which is the happy hormone. When you’ve had a bad week, spending 10 to 15 minutes in a sunbed can help more than just your tan – it’s the endorphins you get that make you feel better!

Relieves Pain

When tanning responsibly, the UV can actually ease stiffness in your muscles and can help make you more flexible. It works as a pain reliever, which can help someone that has arthritis or muscular pain. Come in after a rigorous workout or if you have a stubborn muscle pain; our sunbeds can help provide relief.

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