As we transition out of summer into snugglier weather, it’s super important that we continue to do things that make us happy.

And I think we can all agree that a home-cooked meal is guaranteed to please. But comfort food doesn’t always mean heavy or greasy. You can make healthy meals that fuel your body and detoxify your body in the most delicious way possible after summer and beyond.

I know there are a lot of fad diets right now. From keto to vegan to paleo— seems like everyone’s got an opinion. But the truth is that food is medicine.

If you’ve got issues with sleep, anxiety, digestion, or skin flare ups— what you need is a solid detox.

Your body is well equipped to purge itself of toxins that are horrible for your daily life and long-term health. But any time you feel, “off” you can always eat specific foods that help your detoxification operate to its highest capacity.

There are pretty much no rules when it comes to a gentle supporting detox. But if you’re looking to get the best results this summer:

#1 Cut triggers 

Sometimes we don’t even know that we are sensitive to foods. When you start to eat healthier, it’s most effective when you cut out things like: processed foods, refined sugar, alcohol, dairy and wheat.

I know that’s a lot to give up at once. But you can do it in increments and as your lifestyle allows.

#2 Add as many leafy greens to your diet as humanly possible

Leafy greans like: kale, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, and cabbage are packed with vitamins and trace minerals that your body desperately needs to function well.

In addition to the nutritive punch, these green friends help you get rid of fat by helping you change that fat into energy! So not only are you lookin’ great, you’ll feel more energized!

#3 Support your detox with herbal teas

Did you know that green tea boosts your metabolism and protects your organs? When you add digestive aids like ginger or peppermint, green tea becomes the ultimate detox tea!

#4 Treat yourself

 Just because you’re trying to better yourself does not mean that you can’t enjoy doing it.

On top of doing your best to feel amazing internally, you should definitely treat yourself to iTAN’s wellness services. They’re relaxing and scientifically proven to help you on your journey toward healthy living.

The FIT Bodywrap helps you lose weight by raising your internal temp—causing you to burn calories and fat via sweat without the workout. Its infrared system boosts your metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins which leads to long-lasting benefits like: balanced moods, clear skin, better digestion and boosted energy.

Combining any of these 4 amazing options is guaranteed to get you feeling and looking amazing as the summer ends.

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