Getting the perfect tan takes a few important key steps,and iTAN knows exactly what to do. Keep reading for the best bed tan prep to get that perfect glow!

Step 1. Prep your skin

It’s always best to exfoliate and shave a day or two before your tan session to ensure you get the best results. Wearing SPF is important because you want to protect your skin while still achieving your desired color. iTAN also provides the best SPF options like the Australian Gold Plant Based sunscreen for face and body. Ask an iTAN salon consultant upon your arrival, and they’ll make sure you’re protected during your Sun session!

Step 2. Use the right products

Using the right products to ensure you get the best color post bed tan is key! iTAN has quality options to choose from. We recommend using the Cypher Titanium Face Intensifier (available at iTAN for $39) which helps develop the melanin in your skin, especially under UV and red light treatment. This face cream also has Niacinamide, which helps retain water to keep your skin moisturized. 

Now that your face is ready, we still need to get the rest of your body set up for success! We highly recommend the TANOLOGY lotion packets that offer three different formulas to choose from: Formula 1 Intensifier for sun users who prefer to go without a bronzing element, Formula 2 Natural Bronzer designed to produce natural results and Formula 3 DHA Bronzer designed for deep, dark color development. Our TANOLOGY products help intensify your natural color under the UV all while still keeping your skin nourished. One packet is $7 and we do offer a monthly TANOLOGY lotion membership for $12.95 a month!

Step 3. Aftercare

Now that you’ve finished your Sun session, you need to take care of your tan to keep your bronzed color for as long as possible. We recommend the Hemp Nation aftercare line which features a body wash and lotion (available at iTAN for $24) that is safe to use after your session! We offer multiple scents to choose from, including Champagne and Citrus, Lime Agave, Sea Salt and Sandalwood and Eucalyptus and White Tea (available at iTAN for $18). Hemp Nation features a DermaDark technology that has a natural powerful color enhancer. 

Whether you are a sun tanning newbie or  veteran, we hope these steps help you achieve the best bed tan prep! iTAN now offers a Sun Inclusive membership for $79.95 a month. Now you can feel like you have been kissed by the sun year round, and you don’t have to wait until summer to get that glow!