Are you ready to get your man-tan on? It’s no secret we all feel better when we’re bronzed. But, it’s not just about getting a spray tan or hopping into a sunbed! To achieve the best results, iTAN offers great products for men that help enhance the look and longevity of your tan. 

Here are our top tanning products picks for men:

1. California Tan Coast Natural Bronzer

The California Tan Coast Natural Bronzer is like California sunshine in a bottle (literally). The naturally derived caramel delivers an instant dark, bronze color to the skin. The antioxidant rich alpine lichen and white birch bark extracts help even out skin tone and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Coast Natural Bronzer consists of a unique blend of protein, ginseng and taurine. These ingredients help provide you with strong, energized skin and protect against environmental stressors (available at iTAN for $59).

2. California Tan Coast Intensifier

The California Tan Coast Intensifier can help protect your skin against environmental stressors and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Coast Intensifier is packed with nourishing sea oak algae that has essential vitamins to keep your skin looking healthy. You’ll love this product for its oil-free, non-greasy look and quick-absorption (available at iTAN for $59).

3. Designer Skin Reputation

Get ready for next level results! The Designer Skin Reputation promotes a new level of dark color and lets your bronze continue developing for up to 24 hours! Bask in a youthful, smooth look with Reputation’s youth refine silicone blend that helps to fill fine lines. You’ll feel refreshed after every use with the raspberry glaze fragrance (available at iTAN for $99)!

4. Australian Gold Hemp Nation Original After Care

Healthy, hydrated skin can be yours with the Australian Gold Hemp Nation Original After Care! Hemp Nation’s nourishing blend of hemp seed oil, shea butter and jojoba esters work together in perfect harmony to deliver lightweight moisture, leaving skin silky smooth! Hemp Nation can help reverse the clock with its potent blend of vitamins and microspheres that help protect skin against the signs of aging (available at iTAN for $25).

5. Australian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer

Indulge in the unique base of coconut water for a superior, hydrated feel with the Austrailian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer. G Gentlemen Black Bronzer can help provide immediate dark results and developed color. It’s packed with cell active complex specially designed for male skin and provides extreme hydration for a longer-lasting bronze (available at select iTAN locations for $59).

Incorporating these different iTAN products into your tanning routine will have you living your best bronzed life! Visit any of our 34 iTAN salons to find the best product for your tanning goals and skin type.