Say goodbye to June gloom and hello to sunny summer days! Just when you think Southern California can’t get any better, summertime washes away all the memories of rainy days and dreary skies. From endless beach days, to road trips, tan lines and everything in between, we’re always wanting to hold onto those summertime feels for as long as possible – and that luminous glow, too! 

We chatted with our iTAN Influencers Krissy and Jessica on how they achieve their summer glow. Lucky for you, they’re sharing their favorite tips below!:

1. What is your favorite iTAN service to help you achieve a summer glow?

Krissy: I absolutely love to get my summer glow on with a Mystic spray booth cocktail! iTAN offers so many fun scents and bronzers, so there is an option for every skin tone. My favorite, “Fab 5” combination is the Medium paired with an accelerator. I love using the Island Kyssed Triple Bronzer along with the coconut and vanilla scent!

iTAN Influencer Krissy

2. Why do you love the Mystic Tan?

Jessica: I’m obsessed with the Mystic Tan! It’s my go-to to achieve a bronzed, summer glow. Plus, it’s quick and easy to do! If I have a special event or I’m really trying to achieve a deep glow, I’ll keep up with my spray tans once a week. I love using the Island Kyssed Triple Bronzer to add an extra bronze kick!

3. What is your favorite summer activity?

Krissy: I’m always finding new ways to stay active during the summer months. I love activities that are based around four things: sunshine, sports, good food and music! It can be a challenge to maintain healthy habits while adventuring with family and friends. Planning ahead to stay hydrated and having a healthy breakfast set my days in the right direction.

iTAN Influencer Krissy

4. How do you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle?

Jessica: Being a dog mom, I am all about doing activities that involve my pups. I love heading down to a local dog park near the beach and let them run around while enjoying the sun! It’s the perfect summer activity!

Our iTAN services, products and a healthy mix of sunshine and exercise (read more on the benefits of sunlight, here) can help keep you glowing from the inside out! Stop into one of our 34 iTAN salon locations and speak with a salon consultant to develop your best summertime glow routine!