It’s no secret that tanning lotions can help you achieve a natural looking glow, but when you’re always on-the-go, remembering to bring it with you is easier said than done! With the new iTAN TANOLOGY Lotion Membership, you’ll never have to worry about bringing your tanning lotion to your salon visits again. Instead, you’ll receive a lotion packet at each Sun session so you can walk out bronzed and ready to glow!

Here are our top reasons why you need the iTAN Lotion Membership:

1. Achieve Your Ultimate Glow

No matter the time of year, we encourage all of our #iTANfans to keep on glowing! All iTAN TANOLOGY lotion packets help develop long-lasting, natural-looking color. With access to one of three versatile lotions during each Sun session, you can achieve your ultimate glow in no time! All TANOLOGY lotion packets are made with natural, anti-aging ingredients like Birch Bark Extract, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and more to help rejuvenate your skin!

2. Enjoy Guilt-Free Products

iTAN debuted their new TANOLOGY formulas in 2020 that includes 3 special lotion packets:

1.The Intensifier

The Intensifier is hydrating and anti-aging that helps to smooth skin and develop color without the use of any bronzers. Pro tip: the Intensifier is a great option for those who love to Double Dip (sunbed and spray tan back-to-back) because of the silicone-free formula which ensures your skin absorbs the Spray solution properly.

2. The Natural Bronzer Formula 2

The Natural Bronzer Formula 2 is packed with caramel and black walnut that provides rich, natural color development.

3. The Formula 3 DHA Bronzer

The Formula 3 DHA Bronzer has DHA cosmetic bronzer in addition to caramel and black walnut for an instant and delayed deep bronze. All 3 TANOLOGY Lotion packets are cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, vegan and made with natural ingredients, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re using the best products on your skin!

3. Great Value!

As an iCLUB member, you can experience iTAN’s TANOLOGY Lotion Membership for only $10 a month! You’ll always be prepared for each Sun session and your wallet will be happy, too! Our TANOLOGY lotion packets offer three times more choices than other options. Plus, you’ll be saving more with TANOLOGY when compared to lotions that can easily cost over $100  a bottle!

Stop by any of iTAN’s 34 salon locations or visit our website to learn more about the  TANOLOGY Lotion Membership! Don’t forget to take advantage of our June iCLUB Rewards to save even more! All customers receive a waived join fee with any iCLUB and iTAN TANOLOGY Lotion Membership sign-up.