At iTAN, our team of salon consultants’ number one goal is to help you look and feel your best! From spray tans to the FIT Bodywrap, our iTAN babes know exactly how to make the most out of our products and services. So who better to ask about how to get the very best results?

We chatted with Salon Director Mckinzie from iTAN San Clemente and Lake Forest, Salon Consultant Amy from iTAN Eastlake and Salon Director Elle from iTAN SDSU (go Aztecs!) on their best tips and tricks when making a visit to iTAN. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Which iTAN service do you utilize most? 

Mckinzie: I use our Sun Pro sun tanning beds most frequently because I love having that glow! Having a good base tan pairs so nicely with my weekly spray tan! I like to go into either the Sun Select or the High Performance bronzing bed three to four times a week!

Elle: During the summer, I’m all about our sunbeds and the FIT Bodywrap to give my color a boost and help get rid of bloating for bikini season. During the summer, I go in for a Sun session about 3 times a week!

Amy: The iTAN service I utilize the most is the Sun Pro stand up building bed. I use this bed two to three times a week for the full time. I love how easy and convenient it is to get such great color in such a short amount of time!

2. What is the best way to maintain a gorgeous glow in between visits? 

Elle: Hydration is key! Making sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day not

only gives your body its needed H20 intake, but makes your skin glow from within. Something I’ve recently discovered is using natural-based exfoliant before shaving. This helps to loosen the hair follicle so when you shave, there is little friction and your shave gets closer to the skin, giving you smooth results.

Amy: The best way to maintain your tan between visits is to moisturize! I can’t stress enough how important it is to moisturize your skin when tanning. Naturally, our skin sheds. So not only is it harder to tan dry skin, but that tan skin you worked so hard for will end up flaking off. My favorite lotion to moisturize with is Hemp Nation’s Agave & Lime moisturizing tan extender (available at iTAN for $22). It’s super hydrating and I love to use it after tanning and after I get out of the shower. The lotion contains DermaDark bronzer, which enhances your natural color and helps gradually build color with regular use.

Mckinzie: It’s all about skin care!! I make sure to use my California Tan Axis tan extender (available at iTAN for $47) twice a day to keep my skin nice and hydrated. Doing this helps keep my skin glowing and flawless, as well as prepared for any Sun or Spray service!

3. What is one iTAN product you can’t live without? 

Amy: The one iTAN product I can’t live without is the TANOLOGY Formula 3 DHA Bronzer (available for $7 or via the iTAN TANOLOGY Lotion Membership for $10 a month for iCLUB members). It’s super thick, moisturizing and a little goes a long way! I mostly love it for the delayed bronzer; it allows for my color to develop even while I’m not actually tanning. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Mckinzie: Saying I am obsessed with our Evolv take-home spray products would be an understatement. I love how easy to use the Evolv Sunless Spray (available at iTAN for $39.99) is and how beautiful the Evolv Violet Mousse (available at iTAN for $34) looks on me. The tea tree oil in the Evolv line keeps my skin extra hydrated and it smells great!

Elle: I can’t live without the Botanica Hypoallergenic Face Intensifier. My declate has very delicate skin and is easily irritated. Not only does this intensifier work in the sunbeds, but I use it as a daily moisturizer since many facial lotions cause me to break out. I use this lotion on my chest as well when tanning so oils and color won’t clog my pores.

4. Which Sun, Spray or Spa service would you recommend to a friend and why? 

Elle: I would recommend using the VersaSpa spray tan. Doing this spray with a bronze additive will give you that ultimate glow and color you’re looking for! I naturally have a golden skin tone, and the Versa compliments it beautifully. It helps fill in fine lines, gives a great base to any makeup routine and doesn’t dry out my skin. I would recommend double dipping to anyone who likes to use sunbeds and spray tans because it’s super important to get the pores prepped to absorb the spray as best as possible!

Mckinzie: The FIT Bodywrap is my go-to suggestion for everyone! I want everyone to try it so they can see why I love it so much! It feels so good to detox and relax for an hour; I always feel so energized after a FIT Bodywrap session.

Amy: I always recommend our Mystic spray services to my friends! I love how customizable it is with the options to add in different Myxers. My personal favorite Mystix Myx is Dark with an Island Kyssed bronzer, accelerator and a Summer Dream scent.

5. What is the best advice you can give to an #iTANfan looking to achieve a beach-ready glow? 

Mckinzie: The best advice I could give would be to try it all! Make sure you are utilizing all the services to get your skin prepared and glowing! All of the services are designed to work together to get you looking and feeling confident!

Elle: Using a spray spf when outdoor tanning has only enhanced my tan and made my skin retain more moisture. I suggest always using a lip chapstick with SPF as well.

Amy: My best piece of advice for a beach-ready glow is to stay moisturized and tan in moderation! I’m a firm believer in playing it safe especially when it comes to sun exposure. Knowing your tanning potential and keeping yourself hydrated is key! I hope you guys find these tips and tricks helpful and beneficial to your tanning routine.