We’re swapping sundresses for sweaters this fall! If your fall fashion is still a work in progress, take a look at how our iTAN influencers are prepping for the season! We spoke to influencers Alex, Ashtyn and Ashley to learn how they dress up in fall.


1. How does your wardrobe transition from summer to fall?


Alex Floyd: I transition from summer to fall by starting with swapping my straw hats for felt hats. I like to add layers to my dresses so I can take them off when it gets too hot in SoCal. 


Ashtyn Johnson: Living in San Diego, I feel the transition is far less than when I lived other places with actual changing seasons. When it starts getting colder I’ll still wear my cute skirts or shorts and just add a big knit sweater and some thigh high boots. Cute dresses are still a go, just add a nice peacoat to the look. We have it too easy here!


Ashley Vallandingham: For me fall wardrobe is one of my favorites! I love adding in jackets, boots and of course beanies!!!


2. What is your fall staple piece?


Alex Floyd: My favorite fall staple pieces include flannels, boots and leggings/faux Spanx. Can’t go wrong with all of those!


Ashtyn Johnson: My heeled tory burch combat boots have been the perfect shoe for fall every year. They look great in tights or over skinny jeans, and they are so comfortable to walk around in. If I go to Big Bear I even use them as snow shoes because of the grip they have underneath. 


Ashley Vallandingham: Fall staple piece – sweaters and knee high boots (and PSLs).


3. Which iTAN service best complements your fall style?


Alex Floyd: I will always believe the Mystic Sprays complement my style for all seasons. Who doesn’t want to look sun kissed all year round?


Ashtyn Johnson:  I definitely love me my Versa Spray tan, even in the fall. The golden tone is perfect with my skin tone. Since fall isn’t too cold here, we aren’t so covered up with clothes and people still notice my nice tan.


Ashley Vallandingham: Light Spray tans for fall keeping me natural looking yet not ghostly.


4. Are there any colors you avoid? Why?


Alex Floyd: I try to avoid neon colors- other than work out outfits of course!


Ashtyn Johnson: I’m actually not a spring/pastel color fan. But fall colors are what I live in. I love dark greens, burnt orange and crimson red. It’s all very bohemian of colors and I just thrive in them. 


Ashley Vallandingham: I don’t avoid many colors, really it’s just whatever I’m in the mood for wearing and can pair most colors with anything nowadays. Mix matched styles are more in!


5. Where is your favorite place to shop for the fall season?


Alex Floyd: I love Shop Impressions, Vici and Target! Always looking for trendy pieces without breaking the bank.


Ashtyn Johnson: Aritzia is actually my absolute favorite store since I moved to San Diego. They have one in the UTC mall and I spend practically all my money there. It has everything from casual to business and everything in between. They also carry sizes XXS-XXL and I super appreciate that because I’m a petite human who has a hard time finding properly fitted clothes.


Ashley Vallandingham: Nordstrom, Alice and Olivia, Urban Outfitters, Anthropology and for online shop 12th, Revolve, and Pretty Little Thing. 


6. Jeans or leggings? Why?


Alex Floyd: Leggings until I get this 2020 weight off LOL! I love jeans but leggings are so much more cozy for the holiday parties.


Ashtyn Johnson: Definitely jeans; a nice pair of black jeans can give the appearance of leggings if that’s what you’re going for but up close they will just look much classier than leggings. If you’re a die hard leggings fan, check out spanx new “leather” leggings line. Definitely kicks up the fashion of leggings. 


Ashley Vallandingham: Both for different occasions!


7. What’s your best fall fashion tip?


Alex Floyd: Dress for comfort and what makes you feel confident. It’s okay to also not like all the trends. I won’t be bringing back fur on the collar of jackets or low waisted jeans but that’s just me!


Ashtyn Johnson: Accessories are everything in fall. Throw a necklace on over your turtleneck. A scarf, add some textured stockings (Gucci ones are soo cute) add a cute hat, a belt. All of that will just bring your fall fashion to the next level. 


Ashley Vallandingham: Big sweaters, chunky necklaces, beanies and boots – you can never run out of options when you’re constantly switching these up. Oversized things with boots and a jacket always makes an easy but fashionable piece!

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