Happy fall, #iTANfans! As the weather starts to cool down, we sometimes find ourselves needing quick fixes to keep cozy and boost our mood. This season, we want to help you stay as cozy as possible with some simple tips and tricks. 


1. Buy the Right Blankets


Blankets are an essential part of being cozy during the fall! Not only do they keep you warm while watching a movie or just lounging in bed, but a stylish blanket can be the best fall house accessory! If you’re feeling festive, buy a fall or halloween-themed blanket. If you’re just super chilly, invest in a weighted blanket- they’ll soothe you to sleep and make sure you feel as comfy as possible. 


2. Make Cider/ Hot Cocoa


Being comfortable comes from the inside- warm yourself up with a hot drink! Whether your go-to fall beverage is hot cider or hot cocoa, we guarantee drinking one of these will not only warm you up, but also help get you into the fall spirit (you can never go wrong with a PSL!). 


3. Snuggle Up


What’s cozier than a snuggle buddy? Grab your significant other, bff or pet and cuddle up next to them! Add a blanket and a movie marathon, and you’ll have reached ultimate comfort. 


4. Invest in Comfy PJs


Wearing comfy pajamas is an easy way to boost your comfort and mood level ASAP. You can buy some Halloween pajamas for you and your boo (or bestie) and start binge-watching scary movies! Not only will the pajamas keep you warm, but the company will be cozy. 


5. Light a Candle


Candles are the ultimate cozy ambiance creator, they can turn any room into a festive-smelling haven. Light a few fall-scented candles, sit back and relax for a minute- we promise it’ll help you achieve your best cozy level. 


6. Read a Book


Books are the best way to immerse yourself in another world and completely forget about your surroundings. Once your mind is at ease, the rest of your body will follow. Make yourself a cozy drink and start reading! You’ll be glad you did. 


7. Treat Yourself

The last step to feeling cozy during the fall season is to treat yourself! Your body could use some R&R to feel its best, so visit iTAN for one of our Spa services! Choose Aqua Jet Therapy or a session in the Hydration Station to help relax and make your body fully fall ready.