If you’re anything like us, as fall approaches and the weather gets colder you find yourself more and more in need of a little ‘me-time.’ Don’t worry, #iTANfans, we’ve come up with your Best Fall Self-Care Routine so the only thing you need to worry about is deciding which show to binge-watch on Netflix! 


1. Declutter Your Space 

It’s important to have a clear space to inspire a clear mind. Take a few minutes out of your day to make your bed, pick the clothes up off your floor and maybe even vacuum. Trust us- it’ll make the rest of your routine so much easier.


2. Invest in Your Skin

Self-care= skincare! Taking your time to make sure your skin is happy and healthy is a super simple and easy way to put your mind and body at ease. Visit iTAN for a variety of our Spa services including our Hydration Station, AquaJet Therapy, FIT Bodywrap and more! You’ll come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This November only, we’ll waive your membership fee for any Spa-inclusive iCLUB so you can take full advantage of our services! 

If you want to continue the skincare self-care, try our November Spa bundle that includes our LightStim Serum, FIT Radiance products and a week of Sun, Spray & Spa services for just $99! 


3. Get Cozy

Keeping your body comfy and cozy is a super important part of self care, so light a candle, put on your favorite loungewear and snuggle up next to your favorite cuddle buddy. Bonus points if you create a pillow fort and cozy up under some blankets! 


4. Indulge 

Self-care always involves sweets (or salty, whatever you prefer)! Take a stroll down your favorite aisle at the grocery store and pick out some snacks for you to indulge in. Treat yourself! If you’re feeling ambitious, here are some ‘treat yourself’ pie recipes for you to try.


5. Binge Fall Favorites

Whether you’re super into rom-coms, horror or mystery, sitting down and watching a show or movie is one of the best ways to de-stress yourself. Taking the time to binge one of your favorite shows will give you the relaxation time you probably need. 

Let us know how you choose to take some ‘me-time’ this fall by tagging your photos with #iTANfan, and visit your nearest iTAN location this month to treat yourself to one of our Spa services. We’ll see you soon!