Sometimes when tanning, you don’t want to tan your face because it’s one of the most sensitive areas of your body and iTAN has come up with a solution to help. iTAN offers two types of tanning services, which are UV tanning and spray tanning. Both are customizable for you, and whichever you choose, you will love the results!

When stepping into any of our sunbeds, we recommend bringing a small hand towel from home to cover your face, or you can also purchase one at iTAN for $3.99. Some sunbeds also have the option to turn down the facial volts to reduce the amount of UV on your face.

If you’re looking to come in for a spray tan, you can also use that same hand towel to protect your face. Another option is to take a hair net (available at iTAN at no extra cost) to cover your face, or wash off the spray tan immediately after.

Now that you have a healthy glow on your body, we recommend using the Mystic Wake Up Tan Face Serum. This serum develops a tanned glow and also reduces fine lines and smoothes the skin. It’s perfect for evening out your tan while still protecting your face! Make sure to apply this with a fresh face before bed for best results! Grab your Mystic Wake Up Tan Face Serum at iTAN for $25.

iTAN has great products to help define your tan and make it last! Click here to find the nearest iTAN location near you.