Let’s be honest, we all want our spray tans to last forever! Maybe we can’t make it permanent but we definitely can extend the life of that spray tan, with a little help from some of our amazing products at iTAN! Keep reading on how to make your spray tan last longer with iTAN’s favorite products.

Hemp Nation 

It’s important to note that the after care is what’s going to help make your spray tan last twice as long! One of the products that’s spray tan safe is the Hemp Nation Lotion (available at iTAN for $24) and Bodywash (available at iTAN for $18). It not only helps with keeping your tan but it can hydrate your skin while cleansing and nourishing it. We have multiple scents to choose from: Champagne and Citrus, Lime Agave, Sea Salt and Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and White Tea.

Evolv. Daily Glo Moisturizer

Products from Evolv. are specifically designed to help maintain the freshness of your spray tan! One product we want to highlight is the Evolv. Daily Glo Moisturizer (available at iTAN for $29) – it helps ensure long-lasting spray tanning results. The Evolv. Daily Glo Moisturizer is a full body moisturizer that can be used every day and is perfect for the girl (or boy) on the glow! It has a hint of DHA in it to give you a subtle color that’s natural.

Mystic Wake Up Tan Face Serum

We did not forget about the face! We always want your tan to match your face, and we know exactly what to use. The Mystic Wake Up Tan Face Serum (available at iTAN for $25) helps you achieve a natural developing glow overnight! It also has hyaluronic acid which can help with fine lines and wrinkles. Who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like a glow goddess?

Being tan is a full-time job, therefore we want to make it as simple as possible for you to maintain your glow until your next visit! The Spray Unlimited  iCLUB membership is affordably priced at $59.95 and is so worth it! Find your nearest iTAN locations, and we hope to see you soon!