It’s school season, which means football games, parties, late-night chats with roommates… and maybe a few classes. We know a lot of our #iTANfans are heading to college this year, so we’ve come up with a University Survival Guide to help get you through the rest of this year! 


1. Take notes

This tip is the most simple, and also the most important. You may think your brain retains everything your professor says, but it’s so helpful to have the information written (or typed) in front of you. 


2. Keep a planner

You think you can remember when assignments are due, and when exams are taking place… but it’s easier to have everything written down. Plus, it’s so satisfying to be able to cross something off of your list. Bonus points if you color coordinate your assignments! 


3. Go to class office hours

Office hours are really the key to acing your classes. You get 1-on-1 time with your professor, which not only helps you to better understand the material, but it helps you build a relationship with them. The more they like you, the more likely they are to help you out when you need a letter of recommendation, an internship or even just a grade boost. 


4. Make class friends 

Class friends are crucial to not only succeeding in your classes, but also actually enjoying them! They’re there just in case you missed some of what the professor said, if you missed a day and need notes and just for good company! Trust us, the first few weeks of school is not the time to be shy. 


5. Talk to everyone

When you’re starting at a university, having friends is so important! You’re in a new environment with new challenges and it’s so helpful to have a support system to help you through any struggles that pop up. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but the more people you talk to, the more friends you’ll make.


6. Don’t overpack ‘themed’ outfits

Starting college means you’ll probably have an invite to your fair share of themed parties, but trust us- you don’t need to pack with them in mind. We bet your suitcases will be full enough without that silver sparkly skirt that could resemble an alien. You probably have more than enough clothes to dress up for the parties you end up attending. 


7. You don’t need Greek life to have a social life (but it doesn’t hurt)

Many incoming students wonder about joining greek life and what it would do to help them succeed. We’re here to tell you that if the only reason you’re thinking about joining is to get into parties- don’t. Joining a sorority or fraternity is amazing for a variety of reasons- you have a huge support group, you participate in fun activities and you get to wear cute outfits on Bid Day. But you can make friends and have a social life without it! 


8. Glow up

Being confident in your skin is so important in your social life! When you’re confident, you’re more likely to want to expand your friend group and participate in events! This month only, visit your nearest iTAN for a $10 spray tan with a valid student I.D. to kick off your back-to-school glow up! Students can also sign up for a Spray iCLUB membership for FREE, valid through September. 


We want your ‘back-to-school’ experience to be the best one yet! Check out our blog ‘How to Perfect your Back-to-School Glow-Up’ and then head over to iTAN so we can help you prep for the new school year!