Leaves are turning colors, there’s a chill in the air and Halloween stores keep popping up… it’s fall! Since autumn is arguably the most romantic season of the year, we’ve compiled a list of fun fall date ideas for you and your lover (or your BFF) to test out! 


1. Apple Picking

What’s more fall-esque than apple picking? Visit a nearby orchard and have fun deciding which apples are deemed good enough to take home. Finish the day off with some apple cider and maybe some pumpkin pie! P.S. Be sure to use this as an opportunity for a fall photoshoot!


2. Spooky Movie Marathon

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but why not start watching spooky movies now? There are plenty of them to carry you into October (probably even through the end of the year). Make a blanket fort, pop some popcorn and get cozy while you prepare to be spooked. Plus, what’s a better excuse to cuddle up to your s/o than being scared?


3. Make Apple Cider & Caramel Apples

Fall means making (and eating) amazing food! Test your cooking creativity by making apple cider and caramel apples. See how many spooky designs you can make on the caramel apples!


4. Visit a Haunted House

Get a head start on Halloween festivities by visiting a haunted house! If sharing a moment of fear doesn’t bring you closer together… what will?


5. Have a Bonfire

Bonfires are a great activity to do with a big group of friends! Grab a few beach blankets and enjoy everyone’s company while roasting marshmallows and listening to fun music. 


6. Go Camping

Camping is a super fun way to bond with your s/o- you’ll probably end up learning a lot about them as well! Spending a few nights in the wilderness under the stars is about as romantic as it gets- the perfect way to kick off the fall season.


7. Plan a Night In

Date night doesn’t have to mean going out! If staying lowkey is more your pace, plan a night in with your significant other! You can cook them dinner, watch a movie or play a few board games. Keeping it simple is still sweet!


8. Dress up for a Night Out

If you’re not in the mood to stay inside… dress to the nines and head downtown! Enjoy a dinner or drink while wearing your most fashionable outfit. 

Your date night outfit will look better with a tan! Visit your nearest iTAN for your best glow… your s/o won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!