TANOLOGY is an exclusive lotion line available at iTAN designed to help develop deep long-lasting color while nourishing and hydrating the skin. It’s also packed with anti-aging ingredients that help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and smooth imperfections. With three unique formulas to choose from, learn which formula is right for you! 

Formula 1 Intensifier

Formula 1 is for sun users who prefer to go without a bronzing element. There is no natural or cosmetic color added, so the lotion will have a white color. Intensifiers are great for entry level tanners or tanners looking to build their base tan. 

Formula 2 Natural Bronzer

Formula 2 contains natural bronzing elements and is designed to produce natural results. The natural bronzers featured are caramel and black walnut shell extract, which give the lotion a light brown color. A natural bronzer will give some immediate color to your skin that washes off when you shower. 

Formula 3 DHA Bronzer

Formula 3 contains DHA and is designed for deep, dark color development. DHA is the same ingredient used for spray tans and gives the lotion a darker brown color. DHA will give you immediate & delayed bronzing effects, so Formula 3 is great for tanners looking to achieve the darkest results possible! Make sure to wait a few hours after applying this lotion to allow the gradual cosmetic color to develop before washing off. 

TANOLOGY’s ingredients help improve your skin while also giving you the color you desire! All three formulations include:

  • Tyrosine which helps stimulate melanin production and amplify color development.
  • Vitamin E to help soothe inflammation and aid in redness reduction.
  • Birch bark extract to help even your skin tone.
  • Coconut, sunflower, avocado and rosehip oils to help nourish and protect your skin.

All Sun iCLUB members new and existing can sign up for iTAN’s TANOLOGY membership for $12.95 per month. Plus, if you join a Sun inclusive membership and add on a TANOLOGY membership the same day, we will waive your $5 join fee. Once you join, you’ll receive one 0.5oz TANOLOGY lotion packet of choice for each Sun session! Stick with your favorite formula each time, or switch between formulas to help break through tanning plateaus! 

Because TANOLOGY has become an iCLUB favorite, we also offer full-sized 8oz TANOLOGY lotion bottles! During the months of August and September, buy any full-sized TANOLOGY bottle and get Hemp Nation Cocoa Dreams Aftercare FREE.

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