No matter the season, clear, radiant skin will never go out of style! Achieve your skin goals with red or blue light Photo Facials. At iTAN we offer the LightStim Photo Facial, a top-of-the-line, noninvasive, FDA cleared LED light system with clinically proven results. We offer both a red light and blue light Photo Facial – but what’s the difference? Read more to find out which facial is right for you.

Different types of light help target different skin concerns. Red light is great for anti-aging! Our Anti-Aging Red Light Photo Facial reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pores, plus tones & refines skin texture to promote a more even, smoother look and feel. This service also aids in the stimulation of collagen and elastin production, and gently soothes skin to diminish the appearance of redness & irritation. To take your facial to the next level, we recommend applying the California Spa Ageless Serum prior to your facial, which contains green algae to enhance red light absorption & results! 

Blue light is great for more acne-prone skin! Our Acne-Clearing Blue Light Photo Facial targets breakouts and kills acne-causing bacteria for an overall clearer complexion. This service aids in clearing mild to moderate acne. After all, improving your skin is the foundation for an undeniable glow! Blue light is perfect for prepping your skin for major events you’re hosting or attending! 

If you’re a local student, you can try a Blue Light Photo Facial for just $15 (regularly $30) through 9/30! All you have to do is bring a valid student ID to your visit. Blue Light is available at select locations, so call your local salon today to learn more!

We recommend using the LightStim Photo Facial of your choice 3-5 times a week for best results. It is also important to make sure the light panel is positioned about one inch from your face to maximize results.

Love the skin you’re in with our LightStim Photo Facial options. Visit your nearest iTAN today!