Spray tan additives, also known as add-ons or mixers, can impact the longevity, color tone and intensity of your spray tan. Whether you’re new to spray tanning or have been a spray tanner for years, knowing your additive options can help you achieve your desired look.

Here at iTAN, we offer the Mystic Kyss and VersaSpa Pro spray booths, complete with each line’s offerings of different additives. Let’s dive into the many options of additives iTAN has to offer to customize your spray tan.


Bronzers provide instant color, which is especially great when you want a great tan right now. In addition to Mystic Tan’s Light, Medium and Dark solutions, lucky for you they also offer multiple bronzers, all cosmetic-grade, to create a custom natural-looking glow. Each bronzer can help produce a different undertone to create a custom look for each individual skin tone:

Kona: Warm brown with cool violet undertones for a Hawaiian vacation tan

Mocha: Warm brown with caramel undertones for a day at the beach tan

Island: Cool brown with violet undertones for a deep tan

Sun: Warm brown with peachy undertones for a sunkissed tan

VersaSpa offers two bronzer options, Malibu and Venetian. Malibu is the perfect blend of warm brown and cool violet undertones for a deep bronze tan. Venetian has a true cool violet undertone, plus rapid development technology so you can shower sooner! Venetian has quickly become the most popular VersaSpa option since iTAN introduced it in late 2023. Both Venetian and Malibu are made with naturally-derived and organic ingredients to help promote deeper moisturization and firmer, younger-looking skin.

You can also choose to do Double Legs, which provides you a second layer of spray solution on your legs for a deeper tan! 


If you love spray tanning but are not so fond of the solution’s scent, you can opt-for scent additives to help transform your spray tan into an irresistible aroma. If you’re set on a Mystic Tan, you can choose from Coconut Lime, Warm Vanilla, Fresh and Sport scents. 


If you want to see fast, even color development, we recommend adding a balancer to your spray tan. With Mystic Tan Balancer, you’ll start to see your spray tan develop in as little as 4 hours rather than 8! These quick results are perfect when you’re tanning before an event, leaving for vacation or whenever you need beautiful results fast. Balancer also helps balance the skin’s pH levels to ensure an even, flawless tan every time. 

If you’re set on the VersaSpa Pro, you can add on Rapid Clear to give you the same great tan as base clear (Versa’s iconic solution) but with the added convenience of showering in 3 hours. Or try Venetian and shower in as little as 1 hour!  

Still don’t know which additives are right for you? Our Salon Consultants are always here to help. Stop by your nearest iTAN and let us help you build a custom spray tan regimen that’s perfect for you.