Don’t let the winter woes keep you from a radiant glow! It’s no secret there are different levels of tan for every season. In summer, most of us go for that deep, dark tan, but during the winter we may want to shift to a more subtle sun-kissed glow. Here are some tips on how to keep your tan looking its best during the winter months.

1. Go Outside

Spend time outdoors and soak up the Vitamin D on your walks or beach days! Even when the temperature drops, you’re still absorbing UV which can help to keep your tan alive throughout the winter months. Be sure to apply SPF if you plan to be outside for extended periods to help prevent overexposure.


Well hydrated skin keeps its tan longer. Dry skin can cause skin to sluff off faster and will cause your tan to fade faster. Use moisturizers with DHA to give your skin a daily dose of tan to increase your summer tan glow! The Norvell Prolong at iTAN is a great option.

3.Get a Spray Tan

We can customize your spray tan every month of the year to give you a beautiful winter tan. Or you can use at home self-tan products like the Evolv. Violet Mousse and Sunless Spray to customize your tan for the winter months, especially if you only plan on showing your legs, arms and face.

4. Double Dip

Double-dipping is the perfect way to elevate results for glowing skin. If you’re unfamiliar, double dipping is when you use a tanning bed then immediately get a spray tan afterward. The sunbed will help open your pores resulting in a more even and deeper tan, perfect for months you’re feeling extra pale. .

5. Change Up Your Routine

Switch up your indoor sunbed regimen and use a healthy variety of sunbeds to create a beautiful winter tan! Always be sure to speak with a Salon Consultant expert so that they can guide you to the right amount of minutes per session to build your tan slowly and steadily.

We’d love to help you build your winter tanning regimen. Stop by your nearest iTAN today!