iTAN is here and ready to help you achieve your best beach glow- just in time for hot girl and hot boy summer! We talked to Brooke, Connor and Ashlyn from iTAN Del Mar to give their best summer tan tips!

1. Walk us through your summer tanning routine!

Brooke: My summer tanning routine includes a combination of using the tanning beds along with the spray booths. I like to focus on building my base tan, but I also spray for an extra boost of color. My favorite bed for summer is the Sun Plus Bronzing Bed with the VersaSpa Pro using the Organic Malibu solution. I also love to use the High Pressure Bronzing Bed!

Connor: I love to start my summer tanning in the Sun Plus Bronzing Beds, and then incorporating the Sun Pro High Pressure Bronzing Beds! Lotions are so important, and right now I am using DS Awestruck and my Tekton Intensifier with my Tekton Face! At home, I use my Tekton Tan Extender to maintain that summer tan!

Ashlyn: My summer routine is mainly bed tanning. I prefer to bed tan because I’m in the water a lot, so I like to build my base tan. I like to go back and forth between building and bronzing beds to get the best results! I also like to switch between lotions and keep my skin really hydrated by using Awestruck Tan Extender!

2. Sun, Spray or both for summer?

Brooke: BOTH! I love to combine Sun and Spray all year long!

Connor: I love the look of both, so I usually build my base with Sun sessions, and then hop in for a Spray session when I have an event or special occasion to lock in my color!

Ashlyn: For the summer I mainly bed tan, but if I have a special occasion or I want to even out any tan lines then I always do a Dark Mystic, with Island Kyssed, and Kona!!

3. Which product(s) best highlights your tan?

Brooke: My favorite products to use to highlight my summer tan include Designer Skin’s Awestruck lotion, Tekton Face, and the Versa Intensifying Primer when I plan on double dipping. I also love the Sea Salt & Sandalwood Hemp to maintain my tan and keep my skin hydrated!

Connor: Lotions are so important, and right now I am switching between DS Awestruck and Tekton Intensifier with Tekton Face! At home, I use my Tekton Tan Extender to maintain that summer tan and keep my skin hydrated!

Ashlyn: I like to switch between DS Awestruck and Coast to help develop my optimal color! I like using lotions that have an instant bronzer to keep me super tan!

4. What is the best way to transition your tan from spring to summer?

Brooke: Personally I do not make any changes to my tanning routine from spring to summer. I maintain a tan throughout the year!

Connor: In the spring, I usually spray tan more than bed tan, and that switches with the season! I love the look that bed tanning gives me for summer, and with the occasional spray tan, I get my ultimate glow!

Ashlyn: During the winter and spring I love to spray, but in the summer I like to transition to bed tanning to help build a strong base and develop my tan over time.

5. How do you know which type of tanning is best for you?

Brooke: When I first started tanning it took me some time to figure out what works best for me between sprays and bed. I found that a combination of bed tanning and spray tanning gave me the best color! I try to maintain a good base tan throughout the year and spray tan when I want extra color or am going to a special event. I notice that some months I will bed tan more often than others, so it changes often!

Connor: Practice makes perfect! It took me a few sessions to really find out what works for me. After I finalized my routine, I started trying out corresponding products to amplify my tanning results, and found what works for me! I think its important to try out everything you can to find out what works and makes you feel confident!

Ashlyn: I think that you have to try out a few different services and lotions to find what works best for you. I also think that switching back and forth between different beds is the best way to keep building your tan.

6. What’s your favorite thing about Sun & Spray services?

Brooke: My favorite thing about bed tanning is that I find it really relaxing and enjoyable. My favorite thing about spray tanning is that it’s super customizable and can give you quickest results!

Connor: Sun services are always so relaxing, and are such a great way to unwind after a long day! I also love the way I feel after a Spray tan! Both of these services make me feel so confident and ready to take on the summer!

Ashlyn: My favorite thing about Sun and Spray services is that they make me feel confident and for me going in the beds is a relaxing part of my day and something I look forward to doing!!