So you’ve been wanting to visit iTAN, but you’re not sure how to start. If you’re new to the tanning world, you might have a few questions! How do I prep? What are my options? Don’t worry- we’ve got you! Here are frequently asked questions about a few of our services.




How long should I tan for?

You can lay in our sunbeds for between 7-15 minutes based on the bed, but the amount of time you choose to tan is an individual decision! If you’re completely new to tanning, we recommend starting in most beds around 6 minutes.  


How often do I need to tan to keep up my results?

To build a tan, it’s important to tan regularly! You can build a base tan by going 2-3 times per week and then maintain it by going once or twice per week! 


What do I need to use a tanning bed?

Tanning goggles, tanning lotion and your body!


Should I do anything before I come in?

We recommend showering, exfoliating, and moisturizing before your Sun session! This will allow you to achieve your best bronzing results. 


What are my tanning bed options?

At iTAN, you have many options. You can choose between the Sun Pro Custom Sunbed, Sun Pro High Pressure Sunbed, Sun Pro Stand Up Sunbed, Sun Pro Luxury Sunbed, Sun Plus Bronzing Sunbed and Sun Lite Sunbed. They are each unique and offer a different type of tanning experience, depending on your individual needs. 


Spray tan:


How often do I need to spray tan?

Your spray tan will last anywhere from 4-7 days depending on how you take care of it! We recommend a Spray session at least once a week to keep up results.


How long does it take?

Our spray tans are quick and simple! One session in our spray booth will take just about 5 minutes. 


How do I prep?

We recommend showering, shaving, and exfoliating the day before your Spray session for the best results! It is advised to not use any lotions or oils before your session and wait up to 8 hours after your spray tan to use these products again.


How do I maintain or extend my spray tan?


Using an aftercare lotion with no sulfates or parabens the hemp nation lotions we carry are specifically designed to help with this! Some of them even have Dermadark in them meaning they can also add a bit to the depth of your tan with consistent use!


Helpful tips


How much does it cost to tan?

That depends on the service you choose! A Sun session can be anywhere from $10-$30, whereas a Spray session can be $25-$40. Find our single session and membership prices here:


Can I make an appointment?

There is no need to make an appointment unless your service lasts longer than 45 minutes (FIT Bodywrap or Airbrush Spray Tanning). Call your nearest iTAN to book an appointment or learn about wait times!

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