It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day #iTANfans, & we want to help you get ready! Read to find out how some of our favorite influencers are using iTAN to prep them for their St. Patty’s Day activities!


1. What service are you going to use to get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day?


Ashtyn: I am 100% coming in to get a Versa spray tan a day or two before. I will get the darkest color in clear. P.S. If I want to be insanely dark I will pay for two full sprays literally. And the shade you get is next level dark


Enna: I’m a spray tan gal for life–VersaSpa for the win!


2. Tell us how you’re going to prep for the holiday!


Ashtyn: Before I head into iTAN for my spray there’s some things I do to prepare myself. I always make sure to do a full body exfoliation and shave. This helps the spray tan last longer & prevents it from becoming blotchy. 


Enna: No one wants to LOOK like a leprechaun for St. Patty’s day so I’ll be exfoliating to prep for my Versa Spray tan!


3. Are there any changes to your normal tanning routine for holidays?


Ashtyn:  During the holiday seasons, I love to add a little bit of Sun in between my Sprays. My favorite machine is the Sun Angel bed. Since I’m not very naturally tan yet, this starts to just slowly prep my skin for summer, all while my main focus is just getting sprays for any holiday event I may have.


Enna: I like to get the Double Dark for holiday events!


4. Which product do you think is the best for holiday plans?


Ashtyn: Definitely love to use some of their tan extending lotions. These lotions keep your skin hydrated all while lengthening the amount of time you’re tan lasts. So if you have to get the spray a full week before your holiday plans, you will still be good to go!


Enna: VersaSpa Primer guarantees my spray tan goes on evenly + accelerates color! 


5. Finally, what are your St. Patty’s Day plans?


Ashtyn: It’s actually my best friend’s birthday the day before St. Patrick’s Day. So I think we will celebrate on St. Paddy’s Day instead and get a table at SideBar downtown because they have the best Wednesday-Thursday parties!


Enna: I’m headed to Vegas to dance the weekend away! :)


Visit your nearest iTAN to help prepare you for St. Patrick’s Day- and don’t forget to tag your photos with #iTANfan so we can repost your glows!