Weather is warmer, flowers are blooming and it’s time for a spring refresh! We’ve compiled a list of ways to get your mind & body spring-ready.

1. Soak Up the Sunshine

Spring means warmer weather, which means it’s time to spend more time outdoors! Take advantage of the prolonged sunshine, and make sure you’re getting Vitamin D and spending as much time outside as you can!

If you’re into watersports- try your hand at jet skiing, paddle boarding or surfing! If you want something land- based, hiking and biking are great ways to exercise while still soaking up the sun.

2. Drink More Water

Stay hydrated! Water is so important to just about every part of your body. Carrying a water bottle around with you is a great way to ensure you drink the water you need to stay active and energized.

3. Host Your Friends

Springtime is friend-time! Hosting a brunch for your friends at your place is a super fun and cute way to stay connected with everyone! Add a theme or a color scheme and have everyone dress up for the occasion- bonus points if you take a lot of cute photos!

4. Start a Blog

Even if it’s only for your own viewing, starting a blog is a fun way to romanticize your life and keep yourself and others up to date with your day to day life! If you’re super proud of the meals you cook every day, start a foodie blog. If you can’t go a weekend without exploring a new place- start a travel blog! Either way, you’ll be capturing memories.

5. Refresh at iTAN

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet- refresh your body at iTAN! We offer a variety of Spa services that will leave you feeling like your new & improved self. Try our Hydration Station to enhance your Sun or Spray tan and promote hydration. Our FIT Bodywrap promotes detoxification, pain management and weight management.

6. Invest in a Spring Wardrobe 

Build your capsule closet! Quality pieces that never go out of style are the way to go this season, but we won’t judge if you throw in a few colorful & fun pieces too!

Visit iTAN for your spring glow-up! Find your nearest location here