Winter weather is the perfect excuse to reevaluate our tanning routine! Many of us become more of a homebody as cold temperatures hit, so it’s time to trade beaches and sunlight for sunbeds and spray booths!  

We spoke with Salon Consultant Marina of iTAN Mission Gorge, Salon Director Shylo of iTAN Escondido, Assistant Salon Director Sara of iTAN Clinton Keith and Salon Consultant Greta of iTAN Pacific Beach to learn their secrets to perfecting a winter tan. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Does your tanning routine change during winter? If so, how?

Marina: Yes! I definitely increase my tanning sessions during the winter season. Since I am in the sun more frequently during the summer, I only find myself doing 1-2 sessions a week. During the winter months, I find myself bed tanning about 4 times a week to keep the healthy glow I desire. My skin starts to have problems around the fall, so I start to incorporate more Spa sessions around that time of year to pamper myself.

Shylo: I tan more frequently during the winter due to not being in the sun as often! This helps me keep my glowing tan year round!

Sara: I love to stay beautifully bronzed year-round! I use more at home care, like the Hemp Nation tan extenders. These keep my skin extra hydrated during the cold weather. My skin gets extra dry in the winter due to the cold weather and wind, so it’s important I keep consistent with aftercare!

Greta: Yes, my routine changes during the winter. I rely heavily on iTAN services because there’s less sunlight and the UV index decreases.  My skin also starts to become a little bit dry, so when I use the beds I never forget to buy a lotion. This not only moisturizes my skin but also maximizes my tan. 

2.What iTAN services help you achieve your best winter tan?

Marina: The Hydration Station, SunPro standup, and SunPro bronzing beds are an absolute must for my winter tanning routine. My skin gets so dry in the colder months, and it always affects my tanning results. I’ve noticed if I do at least one Hydration Station session every 1-2 weeks, it makes a tremendous difference in maintaining my tan! The Standup is a favorite of mine in any month, but this bed is a life-saver in the winter when I lack Vitamin D! The SunPro bronzing bed also always gives me the best boost of color in just one session every time. I always feel really confident from the color I get in this bed!

Shylo: During the winter, I love using the Sun Angel. The session is just 20 minutes long, so it’s really nice to be able to hop in the bed and relax! I also really enjoy spray tanning in our Mystic Kyss for an extra touch of color, especially during the holidays!

Sara: I love to alternate between Sun Plus and Sun Pro beds to maintain my natural glow. I will use the stand-up occasionally to keep the pressure points nice and bronzed. Then once a week, I use the Mystic Kyss spray booth with 1 Island Kyssed Bronzer, 1 Honey Kyssed Bronzer and an accelerator (available at iTAN for $5 each). After that initial Mystic spray, I will hop over to VersaPro to do a Post solution to get an extra boost of color and hydration to make it last longer! During the winter, I will do an additional Post solution 3 days after my initial spray. This keeps my skin hydrated and makes sure I get the full life of my spray tan.

Greta: My favorite services to use are the level 5 beds and the Mystic Kyss spray booth. I also like to switch between the bronzing and building beds to ensure that my tan is perfect throughout the week. When using the beds, I advise all customers to use a lotion. This is especially important for the dry and chilly winter months of San Diego. 

3.How do the Perfect Tan Kits help give your best glow?

Marina: The Perfect Tan Kits help me achieve the best glow by providing me with everything I need for indoor tanning! The eyewear is super important for protecting my eyes from the UV rays. The towel is great for getting lotion off of my hands!

Sara: The Perfect Tan Kits help me achieve my best glow by giving me a reusable bag to ensure I never forget my tanning lotion or supplies for my visit to the salon. I also love having the reusable towel to help wipe away any sweat after a bed. I’ll also use it to help blot my face after a spray because I don’t like my face very dark. Lastly, TANOLOGY is so hydrating for my skin and always leaves my skin feeling great. I love that I can use them for double dipping.

4.What’s your favorite part of the Perfect Tan Kit and why?

Marina: My favorite part of the Perfect Tan Kit is the TANOLOGY lotion packet. I really enjoy the TANOLOGY line, so I love that we are offering a packet for clients to try. The different mix of oils, from avocado to rosehip, really help deeply moisturize my skin. I also love that tyrosine is in the formula to help build the melanin in your skin. The black walnut shell and caramel also help with immediate color!

Sara: My favorite part about the Perfect Tan Kit is the reusable bag! I feel so official and special that not everyone has this bag. I get to rock my iTAN bag in public when I visit the gym or grocery store. We love a multi-use bag!

Greta: The TANOLOGY Formula 2 packet, the Natural Bronzer, is my favorite part of the Perfect Tan Kits. My belief is that you’re never fully tan without a lotion packet ;). 

5.Do you think it’s important to switch up your routine depending on the season?

Marina: I do think it’s important to always change up your tanning regimen in the different seasons and weather. Since the elements have an impact on our skin, I like to change my products according to the season. In summer months I opt for more of a melanin building lotion since I know I’ll be in the sun. In winter months, I like to use more of a DHA bronzer for the immediate color I naturally lack.

Shylo: Personally, I do not just because I love having a tan on all year long! However, I think that is mainly because I constantly do all our services regardless of the time of year. 

Sara: I believe it is important to change up your routine if you want different results or if your skin changes with the seasons. Some people don’t like to be as tan in the winter as they are in the summer, so in that case I recommend the Sun Plus beds to maintain a more natural glow. Sometimes if a client wants a boost of color, I will suggest a spray tan since the ingredients are moisturizing for that dry winter skin!

Greta: I definitely think that the season,weather and temperature shift affects my tan. With that taken into account, I do think it’s important to switch up your routine. For example, since my skin gets drier in the winter, I love to switch between the bronzing and building beds.  I also use the lotions to moisturize my skin for the ultimate tan and glow! 

6.What iTAN product pairs well with your tanning routine to make sure you maintain your winter glow?

Marina: I honestly cannot pick just one product. My must-have products are without a doubt the Designer Skin Confessions hypoallergenic bronzer lotion (available at iTAN for $99) and the California Tan Tekton Intensifier (available at iTAN for $81). These two lotions pair so well together and smell amazing; I never have any after tanning odor with either of these products! Something else to note with these products is the way they make your skin feel. Everytime I use these lotions, I notice such a difference in how soft my skin is, and I’m never left with a greasy after-feel. Confessions and Tekton Intensifier are always my first recommendations to clients!

Shylo: My favorite products at the moment especially for winter would have to be the Evolv line (offered at iTAN for only $59, normally $78)! This bundle comes with the Sunless Spray, Evolv Mousse, Mitt and Chapstick! This combo is great for an overall quick tan for at-home use or just for touch ups! I also love using the Mitt after I get out of our Mystic booth to pat in my spray tan so it stays with me longer!

Sara: I love to use my TANOLOGY Intensifier or my Tekton Intensifier when I want to double dip to ensure my skin is hydrated. On the days I just use a bed, I like to use either California Tan Coast Optimizer (available at iTAN for $66) or a Tingle. These give me the best results the quickest. 

Greta: I love pairing my tanning lotions with my tanning routine. My favorites are the JWOWW (available at iTAN for $89) and Designer Skin Sahara Jewel (available at iTAN for $129) bronzers. Not only do they soften and moisturize my skin, they also smell delicious. I love that they give me the perfect bronzed glow that makes me so confident!