We all love a good tan, but winter weather can often mean losing that gorgeous glow we worked hard for all summer! So that begs the question: how do we achieve a perfect bronze during the winter months? 

We chatted with iTAN Influencers Krissy Bell and Jessica Miller to learn how they achieve their best holiday glow.

What is your favorite iTAN service to use during the holidays?

Krissy:  I have been loving the FIT Bodywrap during these busy holiday months. It helps me detox and burn calories, all while allowing myself 60 minutes to unwind. I can catch up on my favorite programs, read or simply lay down and relax.

Jessica: My favorite iTAN service to use during the holidays for sure the Mystic Spray Tan! It’s the best to get a quick glow for the holidays! 

What iTAN product(s) do you use to achieve your best glow?

Krissy: The Versa Spa Spray Booth has so many options for the perfect glow. You choose your levels; you can add a bronzer and even double on the legs. I highly recommend trying different options with each spray visit.

Jessica: Anything with hydration! Hydrated skin creates the best glow and combined with a fresh spray tan or bed sesh, you’ll have the most amazing skin!

Which iTAN service boosts your confidence the most?

Krissy: Teeth Whitening! I love the instant satisfaction I get from brightening my smile. Even though I am in a mask while in public I still find my husband loves it and it shows well in pictures. 

Jessica: I love the Mystic Tan as a confidence boost (because who doesn’t get a little confidence boost after a fresh tan?). But I also love the FIT Bodywrap for a good sweat sesh!

If you had to recommend one service for new iCLUB members, what would it be and why?

Krissy: The Photo Facial, for so many reasons! I feel like I can’t even list them all, there are so many. A few that come to mind are how it helps reverse blue light exposure, helps build collagen, anti-aging, pore reduction, firms and tones, I can go on and on.

Jessica: If I had to choose one service, I would choose Spray, specifically the Mystic. I absolutely love it!

Sun, Spray or both? And why?

Krissy: Both, especially in the cold winter months when we don’t see a lot of sunlight.

If you have ever experienced “winter gloom,” you know what I mean. One trip to the sunbed and you’ll feel so much better! iTAN even offers lotions to double dip from the bed to spray. You don’t have to wait to build a base tan, you can get amazing results in as little as 15 minutes.

Jessica: I love Spray! It’s a quick and easy way to get an almost immediate tan and you can easily build on what color you want. 

Why is a tan the best winter accessory?

Krissy: iTAN gives you the feels! Seriously they have everything to help you feel fabulous. You can literally do a full body makeover in one trip.

Jessica: A tan is the best winter accessory because it gives you a boost in confidence during the dreary winter months! Plus, it makes me feel like I’ve just gotten back from a beach vacay ;).

What’s your favorite thing about iTAN?

Krissy: iTAN is the cleanest and friendliest place I have ever been, and trust me I have tried a lot in my time. Even before the new precautions, their quality of care had been above and beyond. The consultants are highly trained in all Sun, Spray and Spa services and safety guidelines. One trip in and you will see what I mean, they genuinely care.

Jessica: I love the services that iTAN offers but the best thing, the wonderful staff! All of the salon consultants and managers are always super friendly and knowledgeable :).