Happy summer, #iTANfans! If you’re staring at your suitcase, furiously packing for your next vacay- take a break! Let us help you prep for your ultimate summer vacation.


European City: Mystic Kyss spray tan

Your European vacay won’t be complete without a golden Mystic Kyss glow! This session only takes a few minutes and will leave you with the best “strutting through Spain” tan! Choose from Island Kyssed, Kona, Mocha Kyssed, and Sun Kyssed bronzers to leave you with gorgeous and glowing skin.


Tropical Island: Sun Pro Custom Sunbed

Our Sun Pro Custom Sun Bed is perfect for those visiting an island this summer! It will give you a flawless tan in just a few minutes and have you ready to be sipping smoothies in the sun.


Resort: Photo Facial

Get resort-ready with our Photo Facial! The LED system emits infrared light that works to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and help with UV damage. The multiple wavelengths of light work to nourish your skin, promote an even skin tone and absorb product. The Photo Facial will have your skin looking healthy, youthful and ready for your next spa experience!


National Park: Beauty Angel

Get ready for your nature adventure with this Vibra Shape exercise platform and beauty light that work to strengthen your muscles and improve your complexion. The muscle-toning technology combines a high frequency with a gentle motion to increase circulation and metabolism. In less than 15 minutes, it relieves muscle tension, alleviates joint pain and increases flexibility.


Road Trip: Aqua Jet Therapy

Road trips are fun, but all of those hours of sitting in a car can definitely bring stress and achey muscles. Our Aqua Jet Therapy is the best bit of R & R you can get before adventuring! The heated water pressure massage will help you de-stress while increasing circulation and relieving muscle tension! It works to improve your skin’s condition, relieve stress and release endorphins. This customizable bed will help rid your body of stress by putting pressure exactly where it needs to be.


Cruise: VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan 

Our VersaSpa Spray Tan will give you your best nautical glow while rejuvenating your skin! The heated spray booth will provide a comfortable experience, anti-aging properties and leave you with an even and gorgeous tan! 


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