This June, we’re wishing the dads in our lives a Happy Father’s Day! We know it can be difficult to know exactly what the dad in your life would love, but don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! 



The perfect gift to give your dad a break from his busy life- a spa session! We offer many Spa services, but here are a few we hand-picked to be your dad’s new go-to treatment.


Beauty Angel: This service includes a Vibra Shape exercise platform that moves back and forth to strengthen muscles as well as improve complexion. The muscle-toning technology combines a high frequency with a gentle motion, increasing circulation and metabolism. Dad can choose which program best suits his needs, whether he’s looking for a simple way to relieve tension or full-body conditioning! In just less than 15 minutes it relieves muscle tension, alleviates joint pain and increases flexibility.


Aqua Jet Therapy: Our Aqua Jet Therapy will be the perfect bit of R & R your dad needs. The heated water pressure massage will relax him, all while increasing circulation and relieving muscle tension! The Aqua Jet Therapy works to improve the skin’s condition, relieve stress and release endorphins! This customizable bed will help de-stress his body by putting pressure exactly where it’s needed.


Photo Facial: Our Photo Facial is the perfect tool to get your dad ready for a summer in the sun! This LED system emits blue light and works to clear blemishes as well as minimize the appearance of pores. The UV-free light energy is applied directly to the skin, which works to destroy bacteria and treat mild to moderate acne.  Pair it with the red light for anti-wrinkle and anti-acne treatment that will help make his skin look flawless! 



If your dad is still convinced it’s winter… it might be time to convince him to ditch the sweatpants and slippers and get his best summer glow! 


Sun Pro Custom Sunbed: Prep your dad for summer by giving him the ultimate bronze with our Sun Pro Custom Sunbed! This bed will help eliminate the chance of overexposure, as well as leave your dad with a beautiful tan; perfect for relaxing by the beach, or even just in the backyard! The skin-sensing technology works with the body’s complexion to develop a custom session and provide optimal color development. 


Top your Father’s Day gift off with our Father’s Day Product Bundle! Receive TANOLOGY Formula 2 8oz Bottle and an Axis After Care for just $69, PLUS 7 FREE days of Sun, Spray & Spa services! Visit to find your nearest salon!