Today, we’re introducing you to iTAN Influencers Ashtyn Zerboni & Havilah Smith who embody all things Sun, Spray & Spa! Although Ashtyn and Havilah lead a busy lifestyle, they have incorporated iTAN as part of their health and beauty routine to help make them look and feel good no matter how packed their schedule gets. 

Get to know Ashtyn and Havilah and learn about their favorite iTAN products and services!

1. How do you incorporate your iTAN routine into your lifestyle?

Ashtyn: I love to come in typically in the evenings two or three hours before my salon closes. If I bed tan, it’s nice to get all cozy and meditate in there before I get ready for bed later. If I spray tan, it’s nice to go in the evening because I typically sleep with my tan on for the best results. Also, I know I won’t ruin the spray tan this way with going about my day.

Havilah: iTAN is a big part of my lifestyle. I love using the FIT BodyWrap after an extensive workout. It helps ease my muscles and preps me for future workouts. 

2. What iTAN service do you use most and why?

Ashtyn: I use the sun angel bed the most. I love that it never burns me because of its advanced technology with its skin sensor. I can get almost two shades darker every time! We need to add one back in the Del Mar location! The second one I use the most would be the VersaSpa Pro Spray Booth.

Havilah: For me, the FIT BodyWrap is essential. It has various benefits, but I love that it helps ease my muscles. It is also both physically and mentally relaxing. 

3. How does iTAN help make you look and feel good?

Ashtyn: Honestly, I lose my tan so fast. My natural skin gets pale and translucent, and with that I lose color/pinkness in my face and any dark circles under my eyes also seem to show more. When I have a nice tan, something about it just brings life to my face. As for my body, having a tan simply makes me look more fit and defined, and who doesn’t love that!

Havilah: iTAN has been helping people achieve their dream body for years. Whether it be spray tanning, tanning beds, teeth whitening, LED facials or bodywraps, iTAN has a service for everyone. I feel my best after I’ve had a FIT BodyWrap session because it helps me sweat out all my toxins. 

4. Which iTAN product(s) do you use and why?

Ashtyn: If I can’t make it to the salon I love love love the Evolv. 1 Hour Violet Mousse sold at iTAN. It’s not orange at all; in fact it gives you a tan with that deep olive complexion. Best part is it only takes about an hour or two to develop and boom ready to go in record time.

Havilah: The FIT Booster Spray with the FIT BodyWrap. For me, they work perfectly together and accelerate my results. I also love that you can use the FIT Booster Spray before any physical activity to give your body that extra boost.  

5. If you could recommend one iTAN service to a friend, what would it be and why?

Ashtyn: I always recommend the VersaSpa Pro to my friends. I use the darkest color in the clear formula. The clear makes it so you don’t look tan immediately, and you can visibly watch yourself become more tan (which is pretty cool)! Then I tell my friends once you hit the tan threshold you like best, you can rinse it off! So the tan is never more or less than what you want. Also I like not using the bronzer because I feel I tend to get it on my clothes. One tip for the VersaSpa Pro is really mastering the 4 poses and properly using the blending lotion on your hands/wrists/feet and ankles. I also tell friends to put it on any other spots you may have drier skin as the tan tends to stick more to it!

Havilah: If I could recommend one service I would say something I’ve tried multiple times, which is the FIT BodyWrap. It’s so good for your body in a variety of ways and is very relaxing. I believe the FIT BodyWrap can be beneficial for almost anyone.