Transform your smile and boost your confidence with Teeth Whitening at iTAN! Our Teeth Whitening system uses a combination of patented LED light technology along with professional-grade whitening gels to whiten teeth gently and effectively. The secret to a dazzling smile lies in 3 easy steps!:

Step 1:

The first step to a whiter smile is purchasing the Beaming White Pre-Loaded Trays at iTAN, which are highly effective and safe for sensitive teeth! Although the Teeth Whitening Service is included when you’re a Spa iCLUB member or above, the trays are always sold separately. It is recommended to do 3 back-to-back whitening sessions, each at 15 minutes. The first tray is intended to open the pores in the teeth enamel.

Step 2:

Once you’re finished with your first session, it’s time to load in the second tray. The second tray will begin to visually whiten the teeth. Whiter teeth means a happier you!

Step 3:

The final step to the Teeth Whitening treatment is the third and final tray. The third tray delivers noticeable, dramatic teeth whitening results. Keep in mind, results will vary based on each individual’s lifestyle, but each tray will generally lighten teeth between 2-5 shades!  

We recommend you repeat this whitening process every 4-6 months depending on personal habits, such as food and drink consumed. Join our all-access Sun Spray Spa iCLUB membership before the end of September and you’ll get your first tray for FREE!

A brighter smile awaits! Find your nearest iTAN here.