Our iTAN pro’s from iTAN Santee have given you all their secrets on how to prep for a memorable Memorial Day weekend! Allie, Alyssa, Alex, Ava, and Ava F gave us the scoop on achieving a perfect and long lasting glow for whatever activities are thrown at you!

1. What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? 

Allie: For Memorial Weekend, I am going to Idlewood with my boyfriend! We rented a really nice Airbnb for the weekend where we will be going hiking, going to restaurants, and taking so many photos! I am so excited to explore a new town and have an amazing experience.

Alyssa: I’ll be at the lake with my family, tubing, and grilling, while remembering and honoring those who have served our country.

Alex: My plans for Memorial Day weekend are to go to my river house in Yuma with friends! I am going to wakeboard and tube off of the boat all day long. It is going to be very hot out there in the desert, so I will definitely be in the water a lot.

Ava: My family and I are throwing a barbeque pool party with all of our friends and family!

Ava F: I will be hanging out with friends down by the beautiful beaches in La Jolla.

2.Which service would you recommend to someone who has never been to iTAN?

Allie, Alyssa, Alex, Ava & Ava F.: For someone that has never been to iTAN, I would recommend the Sun Angel! Tanning can be very intimidating at first, but knowing how advanced this specific bed is allows clients to feel comfortable knowing that the bed is going to calculate a tan specifically customized for their skin.

This bed is comforting and reliable for any new clients that have never tanned or are nervous to start tanning!

3. What is your favorite iTAN service at the moment?

Allie & Alyssa: My favorite service at the moment is the Beauty Angel! I absolutely love the results I see from the Beauty Angel. When I am consistent with it, I notice such a difference in the overall complexion of my skin. Not to mention my legs have toned so much! I would recommend doing the Beauty Angel before any tanning session as it allows for deeper, darker color.

It has helped diminish the appearance of some of my biggest insecurities all while the Vibra shape platform has helped me tighten and tone my core! It is getting me fully prepared for bikini season.

Alex: My favorite iTAN service is the VersaSpa Pro! I love doing a malibu level 2 with prep and double legs. I get instant and delayed color that lasts up to a week! I keep it hydrated at home with the Versa primer and Hemp Nation aftercare.

Ava: Currently, my favorite iTAN service is 100% our Photo Facial. Not only does it leave your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated, it’s also super relaxing! Who wouldn’t want to look younger laying down for just 20 minutes?

 Ava F: At the moment my favorite iTAN service is the Sun Pro Luxury bed. I love this bed because it gives me instant tanning results and has plenty of cooling features helping me not sweat! I also love the fact that it is a super quick service at the max time being 10 minutes. I can go into bed for about 7 minutes, hop out and see great results!

4. Do you recommend getting a spray tan if one is planning to get in the water?

Allie: If someone is planning to get into the water after receiving a spray tan I always recommend double dipping! Double dipping means that you are utilizing two services such as a sunbed paired with a spray booth! When you tan prior to a spray, you are ensuring that extra boost of confidence when you’re in your bathing suit. The water can sometimes make your spray fade faster, however with the right at home maintenance products we can prolong the life of your tan and keep you glowing all day long!

Alyssa: I would still 100% recommend a spray tan so that they have that perfect glow and beautiful tan in their swimsuits, but I would set them up for success and recommend a tan extender whether it be the Mystic Tan booster or Versa primer!

Alex: For those looking to get immediate color and don’t have enough time to bed tan I would recommend a spray tan. I would suggest using a primer, accelerator and the proper at home care to keep the color from fading as quickly. My favorite is the Evolv. bronzing spray and Hemp Nation body wash and aftercare. These products will not only keep the spray tan moisturized, but the bronzing spray is great to use in areas where your spray tan has faded for touch up.

Ava: If a client was planning on getting in the water with a spray, I would definitely recommend using an accelerator to prolong it as well as our amazing, hydrating Versa primer.

Ava F: I would typically recommend bed tanning since water will make a spray tan fade a little quicker. If you need a glow fast, spray tans are perfect! I would recommend we add in an accelerator to their spray cartridge, aftercare lotions and at home tanning products so they are able to maintain a gorgeous tan!

5. What are some iTAN products you recommend that will best enhance your tan?

Allie: To enhance the tan I am going to get, I recommend tanning essentials such as DHA bronzers that help to amplify results and take tanning to another level! JWOWW DHA Leg bronzer  is my favorite to give my color that long lasting glow. I also love any of our amazing Hemp Nation lotions that hydrate and nourish my skin, extending the life of my tan for days!

Alyssa: To better enhance your tan, the products I would suggest are our TANOLOGY  formulas (but my favorite option being formula 2, our natural bronzer because it gives you that perfect instant glow). The next products are going to be our Hemp Nation aftercare, since it is sulfate and paraben free and won’t strip our color making our tan last longer all while keeping our skin nice and hydrated!

Ava F: Our Hemp Nation body wash and lotion are sulfate and paraben-free therefore they won’t strip the top layer to your skin which is where your tan is, so your tan will last longer!! These products also are very hydrating and nourishing for your skin!! The best part about the lotion and body wash is that they feature Derma Dark which oxidizes your natural melanin leading to increased pigmentation making your tan appear darker!

Alex: I recommend the JWOWW Warming Leg Bronzer and any DHA lotion to enhance your tan. Lotions with added color to them give you an instant glow and added color to make your tan pop! It is important to be using aftercare at home that is safe for tanners. The hemps are great because they also have derma dark in them that will gradually build your color on its own!

Ava: Some products I recommend that will best enhance your tan are definitely the Hemp Nation body wash and aftercare lotion. It not only smells delicious, but it also helps prolong your tan while hydrating your skin!

6. If you’re planning to do some traveling this Memorial Day weekend, how do you get your tan to last longer?

Allie & Alyssa: In order to have the best tan for days, hydrating the skin must be a priority! If you’re planning on traveling this Memorial Day and want to maintain the longevity of your tan I 100% recommend you pick up some of our Evolv. line it is perfect if you are on-the-GLOW! My favorite has to be either the 1 hour Violet mousse or Evolv. sunless spray that is specifically made for touch ups in between tans!

Alex & Ava: Since I will be traveling for Memorial Day weekend and will be in the water a lot, I am going to be bringing my Evolv. Sunless Spray and Violet mousse with me to touch up my tan. The Evolv. Sunless Spray works wonders! I am going to restock on my favorite Hemp Nation body wash to ensure my tan lasts as long as possible without sulfates stripping it. I want to look bronzed and glowy for all of my pictures!

Ava F: If you are planning on traveling over Memorial Day Weekend you can get your tan to last longer by using products that tan your skin and also using gentle exfoliators! Using the Evolv. Violet Mousse and the Evolv. mitt will help your tan last much longer. The mousse will be refreshing for your skin while traveling since it features a tea tree and also tans your skin evenly! The mitt works great for two reasons; you can use it to apply the mousse and also use it in the shower as a gentle exfoliator. Proper aftercares are the best way to make your tan last longer though.

7. What’s your go-to Spa service before a big event?

Alyssa & Ava: My go to spa service before a big event is always the FIT Bodywrap and Photofacial. The week before a special event I try to get into the FIT Bodywrap service 2-3 times to burn off those extra calories and feel my best! Every time I hop into the FIT Bodywrap, I literally feel like I lose 5 pounds and I always get the best sleep!

The Photo Facial never disappoints! After 2 sessions I have already noticed such a difference in my complexion. My skin always looks and feels radiant!

Allie: My go to Spa service before any big event is our Lightstim Photo Facial paired with our photo serum! It makes my skin flawless by minimizing the appearance of my pores, helps fill in those unwanted fine lines and gets rid of all of the unwanted inflammation in my face making me ready for full glam and an airbrushed look!

Alex: The Photo Facial always makes me feel so confident afterwards. It helps to tighten my face while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. I make sure to pair it with the photo serum for best results because it repairs DNA damage while filling in fine lines, perfect before my events!

Ava F: My go to Spa service before a big event is the Beauty Angel! This is because it will make sure that I am looking toned and snatched! Also it will make sure that my clothes will lay smoothly as it helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, and it will leave my skin glowing! This service will make me look perfect for all events.