Everybody wants to feel and look their best while maintaining their busy schedules. The benefits of a healthy beauty routine might be hard to manage with a busy work life, but it’s vital to find time to indulge in some self-care. Keep reading to see how we break down the ideal self-care beauty routine from Sunday to Monday.


We start with Sunday because many of us have this day off and it’s the perfect day to reset for the upcoming week! First, we need to exfoliate off last week’s tan and prep our skin for a fresh application. We recommend doing a full exfoliation using the Evolv. Bamboo Body Scrub (available at iTAN for $25). Whether you did a Spray Tan or used a Sunbed, this exfoliator can replenish your skin while taking off those dead skin cells leaving you feeling renewed. Now that you have fully exfoliated, you can go get a mani and pedi. Pro tip If you plan on getting a spray tan it’s important to get your nails done beforehand because the exfoliation combined with the oils used during the treatment can potentially strip your tan.


It’s Monday and we want to start the week off strong! Go to the gym, book a yoga or Pilates class, or simply take a walk to move your body and get your endorphins going. We advise coming into iTAN to add a Photo Facial session to your fitness routine to tone and tighten your facial skin while reducing your pore size. 


Tuesday is a perfect day to work in a FIT Body Wrap session. After a Monday workout your muscles may be feeling sore, and the FIT Body Wrap is the perfect solution when it comes to relieving aches and pains within your muscles while helping you detox your skin! 


On Wednesdays, we get tans! It’s our favorite day of the week because we get to enhance our glows for the weekend. We offer Spray Tans and UV tanning beds as our different tanning services. If you are very active and don’t want to sweat off a spray, we recommend a Sunbed and TANOLOGY pairing designed to bring out the natural melanin in your skin. If you’re looking for instant color, we recommend using the Mystic Kyss or VersaSpa Pro to give you your most natural-looking “instant” tan. 


Thursdays are meant for reflection! Apply the Mystic Tan Wake Up Tan Face Serum (available at iTAN for $25) before bed and wake up with the perfect color. This is also the perfect day to decide if you need to touch up your overall tan for the weekend or not!

Friday and Saturday

These days are simply to self-indulge and enjoy your tan! Set up a dinner date with your significant other or friends to show off how great you feel!

We hope you enjoyed our take on an ideal beauty routine! With iTAN’s affordable pricing, everyone can treat themselves to some self-care.