There are many things we may do to improve our health and how we feel in our bodies, but at iTAN we like to offer the most effective solutions possible. The FIT Body Wrap is a treatment that has long been an iTAN favorite! To find out how infrared heat might benefit your body and mind, keep reading!

What is Far Infrared Heat?

Far Infrared heat is applied during a FIT Session working to increase your core body temperature to elevate heart rate and blood circulation.

The Benefits of the FIT Body Wrap

There can be many benefits from FIT Body Wrap sessions! You can use a session to relax and wind down but it will also help with pain relief, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and  detoxification. Just like with a workout, routine consistency is key. If you’re looking to see long term results, we recommend coming in at least 2-3 times a week to utilize the service (note at iTAN you can only FIT Wrap once every 48 hours)!

What to expect at a FIT Body Wrap session:

When coming into a session, you want to make sure you are hydrated and well fed! We recommend bringing your reusable water bottle, come wearing comfortable and loose fitted clothing and of course your FIT products to enhance your session! The session itself is around thirty to sixty minutes so bring a book or your tablet and take this time to fully relax!

Set goals for your sessions

It’s important to set goals for your FIT Body Wrap sessions! For example, if you are coming in because you have pain then take note of how high your pain is. Then see if it decreases after a couple of sessions. Whether your goals involve weight loss, pain management, or skin tightness benchmarking your goals is vital in ensuring you can track your progress. 

We hope this answered any questions you had on the FIT Body Wrap! iTAN is now offering our Sun, Spray,Spa membership for $109.95 a month, which allows you to try all our services! If you were just looking to get a Spa (and try our Fit Body Wrap) membership, sign up for $89.95 a month (with a $29 join fee) or you can also come in for one single session (available at iTAN for $50). We hope to see you soon!