It’s no surprise that people are trying their best to make the switch to living an all natural life. Be it diet, screen time, hiking, medicine, or cosmetics– it seems like holistic living is not just a trend. It’s a shift in the way that people look at everything in their lives. Herbal toothpaste is a great way to incorporate holistic living into your life! 

What’s absolutely crazy is that a lot of these tweaks are easy and inexpensive!

The word “holistic” encourages us to stop compartmentalizing and take that all-natural mindset into every part of our lives.

It even includes something as seemingly mindless as: brushing your teeth.

Most of us don’t even think about brushing our teeth anymore. It’s just routine.

Obviously, we aren’t trying to tell you not to go to the dentist. But we definitely want to equip you with 2 awesome ways to keep your teeth looking dental cleaning shiny all year long!

1) The Teeth Whitening Trays in Our Father’s Day Bundle

We are offering our Teeth Whitening Trays, our FIT Booster Spray (paired with our FIT Bodywrap to maximize results) & our Coast Natural Bronzer tanning lotion all at the low cost of $99! When purchasing the bundle, you’ll also receive a week of Sun, Spray & Spa services for free! You can gift the week with the product bundle as the perfect gift, or keep it for yourself!

Our Teeth Whitening Trays are an easy way to get amazing results FAST. 

We offer two brands of the Teeth Whitening Trays that vary between 9-12% hydrogen peroxide. 

These trays are used with our Whitening Service which combines LED light with professional grade whitening gels to whiten the teeth through a gentle application.  

We currently have an ongoing promotion on our Teeth Whitening System which includes: 

-1 Tray for $49

-2 Trays for $69

-3 Trays for $79 

– & our “get it all offer” for $99 that includes 3 Trays & the Take Home Teeth Whitening Pen to touch up when you’re outside of the salon & on the go! 

If this sounds like something you or your old man would enjoy, check out our store locator to find a store near you and call for any details.

2) DIY Herbal Toothpaste

This easy peasy recipe is made with only 3 ingredients, but it is super effective!


1 tsp Bentonite Clay

1 tsp Cinnamon

1.5 TBSP Coconut Oil

10-20 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

Whip all ingredients together and brush as normal.

So why these ingredients?

Altogether this toothpaste strengthens your teeth, makes for healthy gums and kills bacteria!

Let’s look at every ingredient.

Bentonite Clay- prevents cavities and strengthens teeth by remineralizing (say bye bye to tooth sensitivity) 

Cinnamon- nips a toothache in the bud, kills bad breath bacteria

Coconut Oil- pulls out toxins, kills bacteria that cause cavities

Peppermint Essential Oils- kills the bacteria that cause gum disease

Isn’t that incredible?! All these things are easily found at any grocery store. 

This DIY toothpaste would be an amazing additive to the second awesome way to get your teeth looking glamorously clean.