Thursday, July 4th through Sunday, July 7th iTAN is having a 4th of July Weekend Sale where brand new & long-time customers can get $4 Sun, Spray & Spa sessions all weekend long! (Teeth Whitening & Airbrush services excluded.)

Our many services will have you feeling as free and big as fireworks on the 4th of July!

Any customer can take advantage of our $4 Sun, Spray & Spa sessions, $4 iCLUB sign-ups, 40% off products & more all weekend long!   

4th of July Weekend Sale:

That’s right! During the 4th of July weekend event, we will be running iCLUB sign-ups for just $4!! As our gift to you, join with no sign-up fee– just $4 for services the entire month of July! 

We’re open until 5pm on the 4th and have regular hours all weekend long! No appointments are necessary so visit our locator page to find the nearest salon to you. 

In addition to visiting iTAN this 4th of July to treat yourself & take that first big step toward your beauty and wellness goals, take it one step further and get yourself feeling as good as you look! Whether it’s eating right and hitting the gym or meditating and practicing self-care, doing what’s good for your body looks amazing on you!

But if you do all of these self-improvement things and neglect basic nutrition, you won’t be able to maintain any changes.

Our basic need for vitamins and minerals is the pivot point for lasting wellness. If you want your body to heal itself and operate optimally– you should invest in getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs!

Your body needs the proper fuel to process food for energy, fend off disease, sleep and perform at its best. 

The big question is: how do we get our bodies those basic needs?

Obviously, you’ll need to eat well, burn calories via exercise and de-stress in every way possible. But there is a sure-fire way to get those necessary nutrients in your system: drink herbal tea. 

There are herbs that are so incredibly nutrient that drinking them several times a week can make or break your wellness routine.

Here is our nutritive rich tea recipe:

1 tsp of nettle, oatstraw, rosehip, elderflower

#1 Nettle supplies nutrients that may be missing from your diet.

Vitamin A supports your vision, immune function, and reproductive system.

-B Vitamins which help your body break down fats and carbs and convert them into energy.

-Vitamin C helps your cells move oxygen around your body, keeping all systems operating like clockwork.

-Vitamin K & calcium to build strong bones.

-Serotonin known as the happy hormone.

-Histamines which can help regulate people’s allergies.

-Iron and Magnesium help women normalize their cycles & get back in the groove after childbirth.

#2 Oatstraw is incredibly healing for the nervous system.

-balances your fight or flight reflex.

-calms tension in your muscles.

#3 Roship has more Vitamin C than orange juice.

#4 Elderflower boosts your immune system!

Adding this simple tea to your routine will keep you feeling as good as you look after going to iTAN for our 4th of July sale!