Beaches, sunglasses, BBQ’s… summer is officially around the corner. iTAN Brand Ambassadors Shayna and Jake shared their top tips on getting summer ready and how to find balance between beauty, self-care and fun at the beach. Make this your best summer yet and follow along with their summer secrets.

1. How do you maintain a healthy diet during the summer?

Shayna: It can be so difficult to maintain a healthy diet throughout the season with so many fun distractions. To avoid weight gain and feeling bloated, I make sure I meal prep for the week ahead. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one to two cheat meals per week! The goal is to stay fit while still having fun and enjoying life!

Jake: Maintaining a healthy diet while still having fun with friends requires balance and moderation. This means making smart choices! Fresh fruits are my go-to. Fruits make for a great snack to nibble on throughout the day rather than a bag of chips. My biggest advice is to go out and find a few healthy snack options you enjoy, and bring them on your summer adventures.

2. What’s your favorite summer hairstyle?

Shayna: Natural all the way! Usually, I keep my hair down, but if I want to change things up, I’ll add a colorful headband or headscarf. You can always switch it up with a half up/half down look!

Jake: Having a Gentleman’s Cut style, my hairstyle choices are somewhat limited. If my hair isn’t styled with gel, I rock a natural, messy look. Salt water is my secret product for my summer hairstyle. You can’t beat ‘a day at the beach’ chic!

3. How do you protect your skin from the summer sun?

Shayna: I protect my skin using sunscreen whenever I know I’ll be out in the sun, especially at the beach. I like to start my day with a morning moisturizer that includes SPF protection.

Jake: After three years in Arizona and going on a year and a half in Southern California, protecting my skin from too much sun exposure is a big focus of mine. I always apply sunscreen whenever I’m out in the sun. When I’m not getting a glow in the Sun Pro Custom SunBed, I’ll spend my days at the beach with sunscreen at hand.

4. What products are a ‘must-have’ in your beach bag?

Shayna: You’ll never find me without my sunscreen, sunglasses, chapstick, some munchies, a sun hat and a good book to read! These make for a perfect day at the beach. I like to come prepared, but avoid overpacking.

Jake: For those impromptu beach hangouts, I always keep a beach bag in my car. I carry the common hygiene products, but when it comes to my must-haves, I always have sunscreen, extra deodorant and aloe vera gel. This way, I have products for friends if need be, and I can freshen up after a long day at the beach.

5. Which iTAN services do you use to get summer ready?

Shayna: Mystic Tan all the way! I come in for a Mystic session at least once a week, and I’m sure not to miss Mystic Mondays for $15 spray tans. I like to utilize the sunbeds one to two times per week to keep my golden glow.

Jake: Am I allowed to say all of them? But seriously, I do love to use a variety of iTAN services to get myself ready for summer fun. The two services I use most often are the Sun Plus Stand-Up Sun Booth and Teeth Whitening. The stand-up booth is great for me since I’m 6’3”, and what better to compliment my glowing tan than a pearly white smile?

6. Which iTAN products help maintain your summer glow?

Shayna: Lotions are my best friend! Whenever I use a sunbed or get spray tans I always apply lotion. The Australian Gold’s Hemp Nation White Peach & Hibiscus Aftercare Lotion (available at iTAN) is my favorite!

Jake: I like to change up my tanning lotions regularly since they are all slightly different! I always keep a bottle in my beach bag, too. My go-to is the Designer Skin Sahara Jewel (available at iTAN).

7. How do you keep up with working out during the summer months?

Shayna: I’m all about committing to a routine. I suggest you write out your summer body goals, make a plan and stay consistent in order to be successful!

Jake: In the past, I struggled finding balance between workouts and wanting to spend my free time outside. A quick 30-minute workout in the morning starts my day out right and frees up my schedule for other plans. You can always incorporate mini workouts into your day; try parking a bit farther from your destination and enjoy the extra calorie burn!

8. What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Shayna: Everything! I’ll be off from school and looking forward to hot summer nights. My ideal summer day begins with an early morning surf, followed by yummy Acai bowls and watching the sunset!

Jake: Summer is all about spending time at the beach with friends and pool parties! I’m hoping to bring my sister from Minnesota out to San Diego and show her around. It’s beach season, and I’m so excited it’s here!  

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