As the weather gets hotter and turtleneck sweaters of winter turn into sundresses of summer, it’s hard not to nitpick at our bodies. Whether it’s shedding some holiday weight or going tanning to get that bronze we’ve been missing, it seems like there’s always something we want to fix.

But there has been some mystery and frustration surrounding one topic that we all actively avoid: cellulite.

Its presence on our thighs and butt is alarming and it seems like we scramble to do everything we can to get rid of it. But no one ever wants to talk about it.

Like, “what is cellulite,” is one of the most common body related searches on google. And the results are just as jarring as seeing cellulite in the mirror for the first time. That bumpy skin is not a result of what’s happening on the surface of your, but what’s going on underneath!

Cellulite is the dimpled, crinkly appearance caused by fat deposits in the connective tissue beneath the skin.

As offputting as that sounds, cellulite is a common occurrence and isn’t something to be ashamed of. The vast majority, we’re talking up to 90%, of women have cellulite at one point or another.

Though there are many procedures available, we want to give you an inexpensive DIY self-care ritual that can help break down those fat molecules over time.

I would suggest visiting any of our iTAN locations and starting with our Anti-Aging Beauty Angel service. It’s a full-body beauty light with Vibra Shape exercise platform. It builds collagen while improving complexion and smoothing fine lines.

The other half is a remedy that most people don’t associate with skin health: coffee!

Common coffee scrub blends also include: brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey. Play around with the ratios and see what measurements work best for your skin. But I’ve found that 2 parts coffee, 1 part sugar, 1 part coconut oil, and 1 part honey makes the perfect consistency for a scrub, but doesn’t leave the skin too oily.

Gently scrubbing coffee grounds into the area in circular motions can reduce the appearance of cellulite. The massage encourages blood and lymphatic fluid flow and the caffeine acts as an astringent, tightening and brightening up your skin by clearing away dead skin.

Sugar is also an exfoliating agent to help increase blood flow, but also wear down any scars.

Coconut Oil is commonly used in anti-aging serums because it is incredibly hydrating and calms down any inflammation.

Honey is antibacterial and makes the skin look more supple and youthful.

As with all beauty-related remedies, these things take time. The earliest report of notable change was 2 months. But everyone’s different!

Paired with our Aqua Jet Therapy or Beauty Angel service, it may just be faster for you! Check out to find the location that offers this service closest to you.