Let’s talk TANOLOGY! A lotion brand that is exclusive to iTAN that provides your skin the refreshing glow it needs. Keep reading to learn more about TANOLOGY, its unique formulation, and the amazing TANOLOGY deal available October-December only!

What is TANOLOGY?why

TANOLOGY is an exclusive lotion line designed to help develop deep long-lasting color while nourishing and hydrating the skin. It’s also packed with anti-aging ingredients that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth imperfections.

What’s the formulation like?

TANOLOGY offers three different formulas: the Tan Intensifier, Natural Bronzer (features caramel and black walnut extract) and DHA Bronzer. In its simplest form, DHA is a 3 carbon sugar that reacts with the amino acids in the surface of our skin cells; this produces a darkening effect that stimulates a suntan, plus it makes us feel great!

All three formulations include:

  • Tyrosine which helps stimulate melanin production and amplify color development.
  • Vitamin E to help soothe inflammation and aid in redness reduction.
  • Birch bark extract to help even your skin tone.
  • Coconut, sunflower, avocado and rosehip oils to help nourish, smooth, and protect your skin’s appearance.

How much is TANOLOGY?

iTAN’s new affordable pricing is unbeatable! All Sun iCLUB members new and existing can sign up for iTAN’s TANOLOGY membership for $12.95 per month. Plus, if you join a Sun inclusive membership and add on a TANOLOGY membership the same day, we will waive your $5 join fee. Once you join, you’ll receive a TANOLOGY lotion packet for each Sun session!! 

Because TANOLOGY has become an iCLUB favorite, we now offer full sized TANOLOGY lotion bottles! For the months of October-December, any iTAN client can purchase one TANOLOGY product for 30% off, two for 40% off and 3 for 50% off. Mix and match your favorite formulas and aftercare to maximize your savings!

TANOLOGY has become popular for a reason – the ingredients help improve your skin while also giving you that color you desire! With the TANOLOGY membership, you will walk out of your session with a beautiful color and a glow to match! Click here to find your nearest iTAN location!