You’ve got spring plans, we’ve got what you need to get ready. Let us help you figure out which iTAN service to try based on your spring plans! 

Staying In

If you’re staying in this spring, try our Aqua Jet Therapy! The heated water-pressure massage works to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension. If your spring plan is to relax at home, this is the service for you!


If you’re going camping for spring, try our FIT Bodywrap! This service promotes weight management, pain management and detoxification so you can cleanse your body before embarking on an adventure!

Going to the Beach

Our Sun Pro Custom Sunbed is an ideal service for you if you’re going on a beach vacay! The skin sensing technology creates a customized session and will provide a balanced and beautiful base glow for your beach days. 

Visiting a City

Try our Spray services to get you ready for your city vacay! Our VersaSpa Spray Booth will give you a golden glow- without the sun! You can wander around and not worry about lounging around to catch some sun.

Going to a Ski Resort

If you plan on hitting the slopes this spring, check out our Hydration Station! The combination of infused steam and infrared technology will promote hydration- perfect for spending time on a mountain with dry weather. 

Whichever you choose to do during spring, we have an iTAN service to help you prep! Visit to check out the rest of our services.