Escape the daily grind and visit an iTAN salon for the perfect everyday getaway this 2024! Whether you’re into sun tanning, spray tanning, spa treatments or all three, we offer iCLUB memberships that can seamlessly be integrated into your lifestyle. 

Not sure which iCLUB membership is right for you? Let us help break it down.

Unlimited Sun 

With the Unlimited Sun membership, you’ll get unlimited access to all of the sunbeds iTAN has to offer. Our sunbeds feature technology that gives you a balanced glow while virtually eliminating overexposure. If you’re new to bed tanning, start with three or four sessions a week and allow at least 10 sessions for desired results. Our friendly Salon Consultants can help build a tanning routine that’s tailored for you and your tanning goals. 

Unlimited Spray

Can’t get enough of spray tanning? Then the Unlimited Spray membership is right for you! With the Unlimited Spray membership, you can spray tan as often as your golden heart desires. Choose from the Mystic Kyss and VersaSpa Pro – we recommend trying both so you can see which formulation you like best! 

The Mystic Kyss can help give you beautiful, natural-looking color in under 10 minutes. Choose your level of darkness depending on the results you’re looking to see and top off your session with a light scent or bronzer additive to see instant color. We also recommend the accelerator additive to cut your tan’s development time in half! The Mystic Kyss is a heated spray booth equipped with MagneTan technology to ensure even absorption of color. 

The VersaSpa booth is a great option if you want a rich, bronze color. It features an open design and heated application of skincare infused solution to give you the bronze glow you desire. The VersaSpa booth is quick-drying and ensures an even application for natural-looking results. 

Unlimited Spa

If tanning is just not your thing and you’re looking to unwind, look no further than iTAN’s Spa treatments! Kickstart your New Year’s resolutions with the FIT BodyWrap, a far infrared body wrap system that can help with pain relief, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and detoxification. 

Achieve super smooth skin with Anti-Aging Red Light or Acne-Clearing Blue Light Photo Facials! Red light will reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles, while blue light will eliminate any acne-causing bacteria. iTAN carries the only FDA-cleared LED system that is proven to produce results!

Perfect your smile this year with our Teeth Whitening system that uses a combination of patented LED light technology along with professional-grade whitening gels to whiten teeth gently and effectively. Our Teeth Whitening system features a three-step process which includes pre-loaded trays, highly effective and safe for sensitive teeth!

Have it All with Sun Spray Spa 

Why choose one when you can have it all? With the Sun Spray Spa membership, you’ll have unlimited access to all of iTAN’s Sun, Spray & Spa services every single day. This membership is perfect for those who enjoy tanning and reaping the benefits of our rejuvenating spa services. 

No matter which iCLUB membership you choose, you’ll receive discounted products and service upgrades. So what are you waiting for, #iTANfan? Visit your nearest iTAN to get started with the membership that’s right for you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out on our monthly specials!