Bring on the heat, it’s time to show off that summer body! Whether you’re in the midst of your health and fitness journey or just getting started, the FIT BodyWrap is the perfect way to complement your routine. But first – what is the FIT BodyWrap? Allow us to re-introduce this incredibly beneficial service! 

The FIT BodyWrap is a far infrared body wrap system. Did you know FIT actually stands for Far Infrared Technology? You can use a session to relax and wind down while enjoying benefits of pain relief, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and detoxification. 

How Does it Work?

Infrared is light or energy that we cannot see but feel as heat. There are three types of wavelengths of infrared: near, mid and far. Near Infrared is the shortest wavelength that penetrates the skin, while far infrared is the longest wavelength that penetrates deeply into the body. The FIT BodyWrap works by delivering direct far infrared heat to raise your core body temperature which causes vibrating molecules to loosen stored toxins through sweat. These toxins get flushed out while allowing the optimization of blood flow and fresh nutrients to flood the body. Think of a typical sauna, the FIT BodyWrap utilizes the same concept but is more effective because it heats the body directly instead of warming the air around the body!

How Long is Each BodyWrap Session?

Each FIT BodyWrap session is 45 minutes long. We will provide water, so you stay nice and hydrated!  Bring a book or tablet, or choose from your salon’s selection of movies and take this time to fully relax!

How Often Should I BodyWrap?

Just like your workout routine, consistency is key. If you’re looking to see long term results, we recommend coming in at least 2-3 times a week to utilize the service (note at iTAN you can only FIT Wrap once every 48 hours)! This is the only service iTAN takes appointments for due to the session length, so we recommend calling your local iTAN salon to set up your next FIT BodyWrap appointment! 

How Can I Achieve the Best Results?

Prior to coming in for a FIT BodyWrap session, make sure you are well hydrated. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing since your body will likely produce plenty of sweat.  

Accelerate your results with the FIT Booster Spray by applying to the entire body before each session. The FIT Booster Spray creates a barrier on the skin that makes the body work harder to sweat, thus burning more calories! The spray also contains caffeine to help reduce wrinkles and aid in toning and tightening the skin. 

Then, maintain your results with the FIT Radiance Complex Lotion to moisturize your skin and tighten and tone all day long. This product contains flavonols from sacred lotus, which work to reduce fat storage, prevent tissue inflammation and act as a strong anti-cellulite! 

If you’ve never tried the FIT BodyWrap, now is the time! Call or visit your nearest iTAN to make your FIT BodyWrap appointment, and experience the benefits for yourself!