This month, treat yourself to a well-deserved iCLUB upgrade for FREE! It’s the perfect time to try out a service you never have before. Explore everything iTAN has to offer including sun tanning, spray tanning and spa services! 


Experience our selection of sunbeds featuring skin-sensing technology that creates a customized session to virtually eliminate overexposure. A sun session can help build a beautiful base tan, especially with our high performance sunbed for a deep, dark, long-lasting color in an intense tanning experience. Or opt for the stand up sun booth that helps produce pigment and quickly evens out your tan.


Achieve a golden glow in minutes with a spray tan! Choose from the Mystic Kyss or VersaSpa Pro spray tan. The Mystic Kyss offers customizable options, including scents and bronzers that deliver a natural-looking glow for all skin tones. The VersaSpa Pro combines the science of skincare and advanced tanning to produce the most beautiful natural-looking tan. 


Escape your everyday hustle and bustle with our Spa services, including FIT Bodywrap, Teeth Whitening and Photo Facials. The FIT Bodywrap features infrared technology that will help rejuvenate your skin, relieve pain, detoxify and help with weight management.

Transform your smile and boost your confidence with Teeth Whitening at iTAN! Our Teeth Whitening system uses a combination of patented LED light technology along with professional-grade whitening gels to whiten teeth gently and effectively. The secret to a dazzling smile lies in 3 easy steps. Please note, teeth whitening products are always sold separately.

Achieve radiant and glowing skin with the LightStim Photo Facial, a top-of-the-line, noninvasive, FDA cleared LED light system with clinically proven results. We offer both a red light and blue light Photo Facial. Our Anti-Aging Red Light Photo Facial reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pores, plus tones & refines skin texture to promote a more even, smoother look and feel. 

Blue light is great for more acne-prone skin. Our Acne-Clearing Blue Light Photo Facial targets breakouts and kills acne-causing bacteria for an overall clearer complexion. This service aids in clearing mild to moderate acne.

What are you waiting for? Visit your local salon today and upgrade your membership for FREE! Find your nearest iTAN here.