In 2001, the very first iTAN salon opened in Encinitas, California. Since then, there have been countless customers that have fallen in love with not only their beautiful bronze skin, but also with the helpful and passionate staff that helped create these memorable experiences over the past 19 years. 

To learn more about the talented team behind every iTAN Encinitas glow, we chatted with Salon Consultants Tyler, Sumer, Quetzalli, and Salon Director Athena. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences and favorites:

1.How long have you been working at iTAN Encinitas? What made you pursue a career at iTAN?

Tyler: I have been working at iTAN for almost three months, and it’s been amazing! I was driven to work at iTAN because I wanted to help people become their best selves. I also love tanning myself! Working with a local business is an amazing change for me as well. It’s great to see how close-knit the teams are whenever you walk into a salon.

Sumer: I was hired at iTAN at the end of May 2020. I have always had an interest in tanning and the beauty industry, and quickly learned that iTAN’s sole purpose was to make their customers look good and feel confident. I just knew I wanted to be a part of that. 

Quetzalli: I have been working at iTAN for 3 months now! I pursued a career here at iTAN with the hopes that I would be able to provide excellent customer service as well as be part of a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Salon Consultant Jordan

2.What is your favorite iTAN product and service and why?

Tyler: My favorite iTAN service is the Stand-Up Sun Pro Booth! I love that it helps me even out my tan lines and pressure point spots! To follow my regimen, I pair it with the California Tan Tekton Intensifier (packet available at iTAN for $9) and the California Tan Axis Face (available at iTAN for $52). This combination is great for skincare and creates a very natural looking tan. Afterwards, I use the Hemp Nation White Peach and Hibiscus to help replenish, and hydrate my skin. 

Sumer: My favorite iTAN service is the Photo Facial, both the red light and the blue light. I had cystic acne as a teenager and the Photo Facials have helped keep my acne at bay and my skin clear! My favorite products to pair with this are the LightStim PhotoSerum (packet available at iTAN for $6.99) and the LightStim sheet Masque. 

Quetzalli: My favorite iTAN product would have to be our VersaSpa Intensifying Primer that goes hand in hand alongside my favorite service, the Mystic! The primer is my favorite product because it ensures that my pH levels are balanced. It also conditions my skin to accelerate development time. The Mystic is my favorite service because it is customizable, and I love the way it applies to my skin!

Salon Consultant Sumer

3.What is the best thing about working at iTAN Encinitas?

Tyler: The best part of working at iTAN is that it doesn’t feel like a job. I have so much fun working here with my team, as well as getting to know the clients and seeing their confidence grow with every visit!

Sumer: The best thing about working at iTAN are the relationships I get to build with clients and  coworkers! I love meeting new people and getting to know them! My favorite part of my day is hearing about my client’s day and helping them achieve the results they want.

Quetzalli: Personally, the best thing working here at iTAN is the team and the bond we have all created.

Salon Consultant Katelyn

We also spoke with Salon Director Athena to learn more about her experiences!

4.What is your favorite/most memorable experience while working at iTAN?

Athena: My favorite experience working at iTAN  has been being able to become a Salon Director and grow my own team. It’s always amazing to see people become more confident and comfortable with the services and clients and see those personalities shine through. Knowing I may have had a hand in that is an amazing feeling!

5.What is your favorite thing about your customers and team?

Athena: My customers and team are always the best part of my day. We have the best conversations and they bring so much light and personality to the salon, it creates a positive environment to work in.

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