Valentine’s Day is coming up, but we don’t blame you if you don’t have the perfect date picked out yet! We’ve compiled a list of date ideas for just about every type of significant other. Whether your love likes to keep things simple or likes a thrill, we have an idea for you!


1. Take a Class Together

Taking a class with your s/o is a great way to bond AND learn a new skill! Whether it’s a cooking class, exercise class or anything else we’re sure it’ll bring you two closer together. 


2. Dress up for a Casual Dinner

Put on your nicest outfit and heels, and head over to your favorite casual restaurant! You still look amazing and can take Insta-worthy photos, without all the pressures of fine dining. 


3. Bake Together

This one is simple and sweet. Look up fun Valentine’s Day dessert recipes (bonus points if they’re in the shape of a heart) and get baking! Not only do you now have a cute date idea, you have a yummy treat! 


4. Go Skydiving

This date idea is slightly more unconventional, but doesn’t fear bring people closer together? 


5. Write Love Letters

Writing love letters to each other might be the most simple and meaningful date you can have. Gather all your emotions and pour them into a letter for your s/o to read.


6. Have a Spa Day

Having a spa day with your lover is a super great way to get away from all of the pressures of everyday life and relax! 


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7. Have a Movie Marathon

This date idea is a classic! Compile a list of your favorite moves (we suggest rom-coms) and snuggle together under a pillow fort! A night at home might be just what you need. 


Don’t forget to visit iTAN to get Valentine’s Day ready! We’ll make sure you’re gorgeous and glowing for whichever date you choose.