Spring is the season for flowers, sunshine… and tanning! We chatted with iTAN influencers Krissy, Jen, Rylee, Heather and Ashtyn to learn more about their go-to iTAN routine. 


  1. What is your favorite service to use in the springtime? Why?


Krissy: This is a good question! Technically, I love all iTAN services, but a spring favorite would be spray tanning. The results from adding a bronzer are instant, and great for showing skin in some fun spring dresses.


Jen: This is a loaded question since every Spa service is my favorite! But if I had to pick just one for spring, I’d choose Beauty Angel because it gets my entire face and body in a quick, 12 minute session! It helps build my collagen production, improves my complexion, smooths my fine lines, and the vibra shake platform is like getting a 10 minute workout! I even do squats & stretches during my session!


Rylee: My favorite service to use is the Mystic Spray Tan. I use the medium shade for a nice glow as I’m coming out of the winter season.


Heather: I love the Spray Tans! They’re so simple, quick and last all week long. Having a spray tan always makes me feel ready for spring and summer!


Ashtyn: During the spring I like to start prepping my skin for the summer sunshine! My favorite service to use for this is the Sun Angel bed. I love that it scans the lightest and darkest part of my body and makes a custom tanning experience for me for a full 20 minutes without burning! I get at least two shades darker! 


Influencer Krissy


  1. How does your routine change from winter to spring?


Krissy: I love using the tanning beds and the Hydration Station during the winter when sunlight is sparse and my skin feels a bit more dry. Once the sun finally starts to make an appearance, I like to add a bit more to my glow by spray tanning. I also make it a point to schedule in some FIT Body Wrap appointments in preparation of summer.


Jen: With the weather warming up, I’m now spray tanning more frequently. During spring, I’ll sometimes Spray two days in a row to get extra dark. I love the Mystic and Versa Spray tan, and now there’s organic ingredients as one of my selections!


Rylee: During winter I had not yet experienced iTAN. I was trying at-home bronzers and self-tanner that would irritate my skin. Once spring came around, I started visiting iTAN and was able to find a solution that didn’t have any negative effects on my skin.


Heather: I don’t tan very easily in the sun without burning, so I like to add in Sun services to avoid burning. These few sessions of bed tanning help get a base tan ready for summer! And having this base tan makes my spray tans that much darker and flawless!


Ashtyn:  In the winter I definitely like to spray tan a lot more, so I’m constantly using the Versa Pro about every two weeks. In the spring I start integrating bed tanning into my regimen.


  1. Is spring the season for Sun, Spray or Spa? Why?


Krissy: All three definitely get my vote! Who doesn’t love a good Spa day? I also feel spring is the perfect time to start glowing! With the options of bed tanning, spray tanning and iTAN’s home tanning, the options are limitless.


Jen: It’s literally a tie between Spray & Spa for me! I’m wearing more shorts/sports bras for my workout attire as the weather warms up, so I need my golden tan! 


Rylee: In my opinion spring is the season for Spray. I am able to still go to the beach when I want and sit in the sun, but ALREADY have the glow I want prior to putting a swimsuit on. I avoid tanning directly in the sun, so being able to get a Spray that looks just as natural is what I prefer… AND it’s fast!


Heather: Definitely for Spray! So many outdoor events start popping up whether it is Sunday brunch, the beach or a hike and you can have a beautiful tan within a few hours to be ready for anything!


Ashtyn:  I would say a Sun and Spray mixture! I want to prep myself for summer sunshine with the bed but keep a solid tan with spray in the meantime.














Influencers Jen & Heather


  1. What would you recommend to someone visiting iTAN for the first time?


Krissy: Try all the services and don’t be shy to talk to a iTAN Consultant. Ask as many questions as you need. iTAN Consultants are highly trained on all things Sun, Spray and Spa. I have learned so much by not rushing and being open to learning about skin care.


Jen: Do my Jen G. Spa Ritual!!! I bring first timers with me and they get HOOKED! I try to do the red (and blue) light facials, Beauty Angel & FIT Bodywrap a minimum of 2-3/week. It’s been a lifesaver doing my beauty & self care ritual during COVID shutdowns; especially the FIT Bodywrap (when gyms were closed). Not only did I not gain any weight, I continued to lose weight and hit my 50 pounds weight loss milestone. Coupled with my other healthy eating & lifestyle habits, the FIT Bodywrap infrared heat therapy is great for weight loss & detoxing!


Rylee: Don’t be intimidated by the many options you can recieve, everyone is so friendly and ready to help you get whatever glow you prefer!


Heather: I always recommend getting a Mystic Spray tan with a bronzer to match your skin tone. I always use the blending lotion on your hands for a natural look. And never forget to use wipes to wipe the bottom of your hands and feet and nails to avoid any orange stains.


Ashtyn: Definitely try the Sun Angel bed. It’s got so many amazing features. And then double dip and get a Versa Spray tan in the darkest color, make sure to get nose filters, and don’t forget blending lotion on your hands and feet! The blending lotion is crucial to making your spray tan flawless


  1. If you could choose just one service to receive for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Krissy: This is a hard one, again because I love all iTAN services. I suppose it would be spray tanning because they are instant and very convenient. You can literally add prep or accelerator and be at full development within 2 hours!


Jen: You’re killin’ me with this question! I have so many loves & addictions at iTAN! If I can’t plead the fifth, then I’ll choose the LightStim facial. You only have one face, so you’ve got to take care of it! I frequently get mistaken for being in my 20s, and I’m almost 50!


Rylee: I would choose the Mystic Spray tan, it is only 2 positions and you are done in 5 minutes or less! On top of the fact that I don’t have to sit in the sun in order to get that glow is such a game changer. 


Heather: Hands down Spray! I try and get one every week because being tan is fun! It is a staple in my routine.


Ashtyn: VersaSpa Pro spray tan, I tell you I RELIGIOUSLY spray tan in it! 

Influencer Rylee


  1. Take us through your spring tanning routine! 


Krissy: My springtime routine and favorite go-to is double dipping! For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s when you go from the tanning bed to spray tanning in the same visit. I like to use an intensifying lotion to help ensure the best results.


Jen: The introduction of the Auto Spray Pro Membership has been a huge game changer for me in my spray tanning ritual. Since rapid development (I can shower in 3 hours) is included in the membership, I now spray 2/week. I can even do it after my FIT Bodywrap session since I know I can shower before bedtime!


Rylee: I simply exfoliate and moisturize the night before going to iTAN. When I go in I ask for the medium shade for the Mystic Spray Tan. Once finished I put on dark loose clothing and wait about 3-5 hours for the tan to set depending how dark I want to look. Then I rinse and moisturize with a light moisturizer once a day to make the tan last as long as possible!


Heather: I love tanning on Thursday to be ready for the weekend. I shower, shave and exfoliate in the morning and get my Spray Tan (dark with the Island Kyss bronzer and accelerator) in the evening so I can sleep in it. Then Friday morning I shower and lotion my body for extending my tan.


Ashtyn: Every time before I bed tan I put on my Axis moisture Elixir tan intensifier. After 3 bed tans in the Sun Angel I move to the Building bed/level 4 to really start darkening my base tan! Then every time I go home I use my Australian gold lotion to make sure my skin is hydrated from the sun exposure. 


  1. What product can’t you live without?


Krissy: Lotion, definitely all things lotion! Hydrated skin isn’t just about everyday self-care. Using the right products helps protect my skin while achieving a long lasting glow. Whether it’s Bed tanning, Spray tanning, LightStim (red light), FIT Bodywrap, Hydration Station, self tanner or Teeth Whitening it’s always best to plan for proper preparation and aftercare.


Jen: I love the FIT Booster Spray. It stimulates collagen production & reduces cellulite, so I use it every time during my FIT Bodywrap session! I spray it on areas I want to focus on. You can also spray it on before your workout to enhance those workout gains!


Rylee: The Mystic Spray tan!!


Heather: I love the Island Kyss bronzer that I add to my Mystic Spray tan! It gives such a deep sun-kissed glow for the perfect color!


Ashtyn: That’s a hard one! But I’d have to say the Australian Gold Lotion with the Derma Dark Bronzer. I use this product after every tanning session and sometimes just because I love the way it smells and leaves my skin feeling hydrated! 


Try all of these services and more at your nearest iTAN!