New season, new tanning routine! We spoke to influencers Alex Floyd, Marissa and Meredith Daly and Ashtyn Johnson to learn their tips and tricks for your best winter tan! 

1. Walk us through your winter routine at iTAN!

Alex Floyd: Spray tan spray tan spray tan. Enough said! Honestly Dark Mystic is my go to because I love a quick fix and an even glow overnight!

Marissa & Meredith: We normally just get our usual spray tan when we go in for the winter months since it looks so natural and we are happy with the same service/session every time.

Ashtyn Johnson: Winter time I usually give my body a good scrub to get rid of my spray tan since I’m wearing more clothes now. I love to start introducing some Sun into my routine since I’m not getting it outside as much. I only spray in the winter when I have an event to go to

2. What’s your favorite iTAN service for the winter?

Alex Floyd: Dark Mystic spray! I want to try some of the Spa services this month!

Marissa & Meredith: We always get the VersaSpa every time we go!

Ashtyn Johnson: I LOVE the Sun Angel bed. It’s so nice that I can lay in it for a full 20 minutes and not burn. It scans the lightest and darkest part of your body to give you a custom Sun tan. I find it very relaxing, warm & cozy. I use the full 20 minutes to just zen out and meditate. 

3. Sun, Spray or Spa for the winter months? Why?

Alex Floyd: Spray for sure! And Spa because your body needs it after a long year! I try to stay away from the sun because it’s my time to give my skin a break from the San Diego summers!

Marissa & Meredith: We have always just gotten spray tans because they look so natural!

Ashtyn Johnson: Sun and Spa! Winter time I get my teeth whitened and a nice easy natural tan. With the Sun Angel to start off then work my way to the bronzing beds. Then I’ll also use whitening trays while I’m in the tanning bed. 

4. What’s your tanning pro-tip?

Alex Floyd: Put Baby wipes where you stand in the Spray machine! That will prevent you from having orange bottoms :)

Marissa & Meredith: We always shower before going to make sure we are exfoliated and clean shaved.  This helps the spray tan last longer and go on evenly.

Ashtyn Johnson:  Always start a natural tan with the Sun Angel bed. And if you need a nice dark spray tan for an event ask for: Versa, darkest color, clear (so it doesn’t get on your clothes) and if you’re feeling extra spicy ask for a double spray 

5. Tell us what NOT to do when trying to tan in winter!

Alex Floyd:  Don’t over do it. You are wearing extra layers right now so it’s time to let your skin breathe!

Marissa & Meredith: Maybe just not get a super dark color option haha!

Ashtyn Johnson:  Don’t get bronzer in your spray tan when you’re wearing pants and long sleeves, it can get on your clothes a bit. Ask for clear instead! You will still get just as tan but won’t have to worry about it transferring onto anything

6. What’s your favorite iTAN product to use during winter?

Alex Floyd: I love all the lotions! I love the smell of them because it reminds me of a luxury vacation!

Marissa & Meredith: The VersaSpa!

Ashtyn Johnson: I really love my tan accelerator. It’s the Axis Moisture Elixir Intensifier 1.

This has no bronzer in it, so it doesn’t get on your clothes. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated and I tan so much faster!


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