This is the one you’ve been waiting for, #iTANfans: how to achieve your post-breakup glow up (literally!). If the sight of countless heart balloons… and bears… and chocolates is making you groan in disgust (and maybe a bit of jealousy), it’s time for you to pay a visit to iTAN! We have all the services to help you get your post breakup glow up. 


Sun Pro Custom Sunbed:

The first step to your glow up is color! Get ready for all of your new adventures while looking like you just finished vacationing. Our sunbeds provide the perfect bronze by using skin-sensing technology to create a custom tanning session! It virtually eliminates the chance of overexposure, and is an ideal start to your post-breakup glow! 


Mystic Kyss Spray Tan:

After your Sun session, take the opportunity to double dip with our Mystic Kyss spray booth! This heated spray booth is customizable and will give you a natural looking bronze – the perfect addition to your already glowing skin! The MagneTan technology helps ensure your tan is even, giving you the best possible glow-up! Each session is quick, simple and won’t break the bank. 


FIT Bodywrap:

After a break-up, you have so much more time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing! Let iTAN help you speed up the process with our FIT Bodywrap. The infrared technology works to promote weight management and detoxification. It’s a great addition to the workouts you’re already doing by keeping your heart rate up and multiplying the amount of fat burned. The FIT Bodywrap also assists in relieving pain, reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. 


Teeth Whitening:

Our Teeth Whitening services are ideal to prepare for your “I’m doing better than before” selfie on Instagram! The LED lights and whitening gels work together to lighten your teeth up to five shades in just 15 minutes! For your best post-breakup smile, we recommend multiple sessions. 


Aqua Jet Therapy:

Time to release all the built up tension from that relationship with our Aqua Jet Therapy! The heated water massage increases circulation and relieves muscle tension, as well as improving your skin’s condition, relieving stress and releasing endorphins! Our Aqua Jet Therapy will help you feel like your most relaxed self as you enter single life again. 


To get the best deal on your post-breakup glow up, join one of our iCLUB memberships! You’ll also receive a Perfect Tan Kit which includes all of the tanning essentials necessary to help you become your best self.