Tanning on a sun bed is an effective way to achieve the perfect golden color and increase your vitamin D levels! This is especially important when we get to the colder months and we have limited exposure to sunlight. iTAN has the best bed tan routine created just for you – keep reading to prepare for your next session!

Prepare Your Skin

Exfoliation is the first thing you should do before a tanning session. This step removes all the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and ensures that your skin is clean and ready for your tan. The UV light also penetrates the skin and activates the production of melanin.

Hydrate Your Skin

It’s important to take care of your skin by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing pre and post tan! The UV rays respond better to hydrated skin rather than dry skin. iTAN offers many moisturizing lotions that not only help deepen your tan but also make it last longer. 

Some of iTAN’s favorite products are our TANOLOGY lotions. We have three different lotions to choose from: Intensifier, Natural bronzer and DHA. All three formulations include tyrosine which helps to stimulate melanin production and amplify color development, vitamin E, which helps to soothe inflammation and aid in redness reduction, birch bark extract which helps to even skin tone, coconut, sunflower, avocado and rosehip oils that nourish and protect the skin’s youthful appearance. We offer a TANOLOGY lotion membership that allows you to use a packet per Sun session!


We offer sun beds that have skin sensing technology, but it’s crucial to always wear SPF pre sun session and after. There’s a lot of myths out there about SPF hindering your tanning results, but that is far from the truth. SPF simply protects your skin from the UV rays to help eliminate overexposure. We recommend using our Australian Gold Plant Based Sunscreen that contains aloe vera to soothe the skin.

Getting the Perfect Routine Down

Now that you’ve prepared your skin, it’s time for your session! We recommend coming in two or three times a week for best results. As your skin builds a base tan and becomes accustomed to your tanning sessions, you can tan for longer periods of time. This is why our Sun Unlimited membership is perfect to help maintain your bed tan routine! It allows you to come as many times as you’d like.


We want our tan to last as long as possible! Our top aftercare products are the Hemp Nation Lotion and Bodywash. It not only helps with keeping your tan longer, but it can hydrate your skin while cleansing and nourishing it. We have multiple scents to choose from: Champagne and Citrus, Lime Agave, Sea Salt and Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and White Tea.

We want you to keep your tan year round! Our sun beds are a great way to keep you glowing and even boost your mood. To find your nearest iTAN location, click here.