Spring break means you’ve beat the winter blues, and you’re ready to hit the beach! Whether you like to celebrate in SoCal or take a tropical vacation, our iTAN Brand Ambassadors Shayna, Brittany, Trevin and Cass are sharing their tips for a spring break glow that will have you looking and feeling confident everyday!

1. What are your favorite iTAN services to help you achieve your ultimate spring break glow?

Shayna: I love to get a Mystic spray tan at least twice a week. But remember, it’s important to prepare before your tan! I always exfoliate, shave and use a tan remover before getting a new spray to ensure my glow turns out perfectly!

Brittany: I love laying in the sunbeds two times a week to maintain my bronze color!

Trevin: To achieve my ultimate spring break glow, I go straight to the sunbeds. I like to mix it up between the Sun Pro Stand-Up Sunbed and the level 5 sunbed (High Performance Sunbed). I found this gives me an even color and is a good mixture of base building and bronzing! Recently, I have been using the VersaSpa spray tan, too, and have been really enjoying the results!

Cass: I am a huge fan of the Mystic spray tan! I have been doing the Mystic spray sessions for years and it is my best kept secret for a year-round glow!

2. How do you make your tan last?

Shayna: I make sure I use either the prep in the spray booth or use the Mystic tanning cream before I get my spray tan!

Brittany: I stay consistent with my visits to iTAN and make sure I use the best iTAN tanning lotions and products! 

Trevin: In order to make my tan last, I like to use the Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood lotion. This lotion has a great fragrance that’s not overpowering and has a mild bronzer, too!

Cass: Before my Sun or Spray sessions, I make sure to shave and exfoliate to prep my skin. A quick tanning bed session before a spray locks in my color perfectly, and I love to use the accelerator add-on to help extend my glow! To really lock in my glow, I’ll wait to shower until the next morning.

3. What are your favorite iTAN tanning products?

Shayna: My absolute go-to is the Mystic Kyss lotion to fill in areas (usually my feet or certain parts of my arms) where my glow is fading to make sure I have an even color!

Brittany: I love the whole Designer Skin product line! Their tanning lotions are my must-haves! 

Trevin: My favorite iTAN tanning products are the Designer Skin COMMAND bronzer and the Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood lotion. I apply the COMMAND bronzer right before using the sunbeds to maximize my tanning results. I use the Hemp Nation lotion daily to extend my bronze and keep my skin hydrated.

Cass: My favorites are the Mystic Tan in “Light” with a Mocha-Kyss bronzer add-on; it gives me the perfect glow! I also love the level 5 sunbed (High Performance Sunbed) and the Photo Facial!

4. How do you prep your skin for sun exposure?

Shayna: I make sure I use sunscreen everyday! Even if I’m not going to be in the sun too much, it’s an important habit of mine to use sunscreen no matter what. I also have SPF in my face moisturizer, which I use everyday to protect my face.. 

Brittany: I always wear SPF to protect my skin while also achieving my perfect level of bronze!

Trevin: I prep my skin for UV exposure using the Designer Skin Command lotion before entering the sunbeds. If I am going to get sun exposure, I use SPF 15 or 30, as well as the COMMAND tanning lotion. 

PRO TIP: I’ve found the level 5 sunbeds (High Performance Sunbed) will give you a beautiful, bronzed glow if you use them after natural sun exposure!

Cass: I always shave and exfoliate before a tanning session! I also use a blending lotion on my knees, feet and hands to make sure my glow is even!

5. Where are your favorite places to visit for spring break and why?

Shayna: For spring break, I love to go to Mexico with friends and family! Mexico is so easy to visit because I live in San Diego. I also love to travel to Santa Monica or Long Beach to hang out at the beach for a weekend!

Brittany: We live in the BEST city for a stay-cation! So, if Miami isn’t an option, I love keeping it OG in San Diego! 

Trevin: I don’t know that I have a specific place that is my favorite for spring break…however, some places I have visited during this time include Cabo, Rosarito, Havasupai, Palm Springs, Lake Havasu and Malta. Spring break has always been something that I have looked forward to each year!

Cass: Who doesn’t love Cabo?! Piña coladas, good friends, the beach and a perfect bronze sounds like a good time to me!

Stop by your local iTAN to find out more about our iTAN Brand Ambassador’s favorite services and products to give you the best spring break glow!